Airport package - Vote on Groundhandling services at Union airports and repeal of Council Directive:

Type: News   Reference: 87867   Duration: 00:01:46  Lieu: Brussels, Belgium - European Parliament
End production: 06/11/2012   First transmission: 06/11/2012
- extracts from the vote EP Committee on Transport and Tourism Since 1996 the market in groundhandling services in the European Union has been regulated by Council Directive 96/67/EC of 15 October 1996 on access to the groundhandling market at Community airports. Its aim was to partly open up the market by increasing the number of service providers that airlines could choose from, cutting operating costs and enhancing the quality of the services provided. The Commission takes the view that the main objectives of the directive have been achieved, but that given the major developments in air routes since 1996 and the forecasts for the sector for the coming decades, the current legislation governing the groundhandling market needs to be reviewed. To rise to this challenge, the European market in groundhandling services needs more liberalisation, and each of its components needs to be harmonised at EU level, in particular as regards approvals, minimum quality standards, the minimum level of training and working conditions. These issues are resolved in the Commission proposal for a regulation on groundhandling services at Union airports and repealing Council Directive 96/67/EC.

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00:00:15 Brian SIMPSON, (EPP, UK), Chair of the TRAN committee, opens the vote 00:00:20
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00:01:19 SOUNDBITE (English): Brian SIMPSON, (EPP, UK), Chair of the TRAN committee: "De facto, because you gone through with two of the legislative documents, but you haven't gone through with the 3rd, just to remind that means that you don't have a package anymore, you have by that vote de facto split up the package, so I just remind in regards to that." 00:00:20
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