Airport package - Vote on noise-related operating restrictions at Union airports: - extracts from the vote - statement by Jörg LEICHTFRIED (S&D, AT), rapporteur EP Committee on Transport and Tourism

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End production: 06/11/2012   First transmission: 06/11/2012
The Airports legislative package seeks to boost capacity and improve quality at European airports. It contains three legislative proposals on the allocation of slots, groundhandling services and noise-related restrictions. On 1 December 2011 the Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation on noise-related operating restrictions, in the context of the "Better airports package", together with proposals on groundhandling and airport slots (see IP/11/1484 and MEMO/11/857). On noise-related operating restrictions, the Commission proposed to repeal Directive 2002/30/EC and to replace it by a new regulation. Air traffic noise is affecting the quality of life of citizens in the vicinity of airports. At the same time, the travelling public wants to maintain a large choice of air services and aviation is a regional engine for growth. The challenge is to strike the balance between these two objectives and take more evidence-based decisions, with due respect for the global character of aviation. The proposal also makes it possible to phase out the noisiest aircraft of the fleet, which contribute in a disproportionate way to air traffic noise.

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00:00:54 SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH), Jörg LEICHTFRIED (S&D, AT), Rapporteur : " I think there are two main improvements. The first improvement is that he commission planned to have some sort of right of scrutiny over national decision and that's now gone. But we involved the Commission, so that they are somehow partner to also have the right to say what they think about national action plans. So I think that's one improvement. And the second one is that we changed this way of regarding cost effectiveness, so we also field into health issues and environmental issues. I think that's also very important for the people who are living around the airport and are having problem with noise, are having problem with pollution and so on. So it was quite a good success I have to say". 00:00:51
00:01:45 SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH), Jörg LEICHTFRIED (S&D, AT), Rapporteur : " The question is if it make sense to have European targets finally. I'm not really sure because the situation is so different in many, many airports, so that is difficult to foresee". 00:00:12
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