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The EU internal market (or single market, formerly the common market) seeks to guarantee the free movement of goods, capital, services and people within the 27 member states. In the 1980s, the Delors Commission took the initiative to attempt to re-launch the common market, publishing a White Paper in 1985 identifying 300 measures to be addressed in order to complete a single market. The White Paper which was well received and led to the adoption of the Single European Act, a treaty which reformed the decision making mechanisms of the EEC and set a deadline of 31 December 1992 for the completion of a single market. This memoclip presents various statements and interviews of European leaders at that time on the creation of the Single Market : - Jacques Delors, EC President and Lord Francis Arthur Cockfield, Commissioner, authors of the White Paper - Pierre Pflimlin, EP President - Gaston Thorn, former EC President - Jacques Santer, President of the Council

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00:00:05 Soundbite (French) Jacques DELORS, EC President, Presentation of the new Delors Commission, EP, Strasbourg (France) - 14/01/1985: "Europe appeared — and still appears — like some kind of feudal state where barriers, customs posts, formalities and red tape proliferate. But now that the Heads of State or Government have decided to set an example, to throw their weight into the balance, to clear away all obstacles to free movement, whether hidden or visible, it may not be over-optimistic to announce a decision to eliminate all frontiers within Europe by 1992 and to implement it. That gives us eight years, the term of office of two Commissions. (Applause) We should both like to see the people of Europe, your electors, enjoying the daily experience of a tangible Europe, a real Community where travel, communication and trade are possible without any hindrance, by the end of this Parliament in 1988.(Applause) If we can achieve this, the European elections of 1989 will mark a renewal, the birth of citizenship in effect, a boost to democracy." 00:01:25
00:01:30 Soundbite (French) Jacques DELORS, EC President, 14/01/1985, Interview : "The belonging to a large group, a community, is marked by the ability to circulate or exchange freely. In my mind Europe will not exist as long as the citizens of our countries will not feel that they can share or communicate freely. It is important politically but also for business and economic activity. How to be competitive with U.S. companies if we have a split market, full of obstacles and no real competition between us. You've already seen McEnroe preparing the Masters tournament, playing balls in a provincial town or against the wall of his country villa. No, he plays against the bests. If the Europeans play among themselves, the bests, then they can compete with the world and we will all benefit on the point of view of the employment and the standard of living." - "L'appartenance à un grand ensemble, à une collectivité, se marque par la possibilité de circuler, d'échanger librement. Dans mon esprit l'Europe n'existera pas tant que les citoyens de nos pays n'auront le sentiment qu'ils peuvent échanger, communiquer librement. C'est important sur le plan politique. Mais il y a aussi les entreprises, l'activité économique. Comment voulez-vous que nous soyons compétitifs avec les entreprises américaines si nous avons un marché fractionné, rempli d'entraves, d'embuches pas de véritable compétition entre nous. Vous avez déjà vu McEnroe, préparer le tournoi des masters en allant faire des balles dans une ville de province ou sur le mur de sa villa de campagne. Non, il joue contre les meilleurs. Si les européens jouent entre eux, entre les meilleurs, alors ils pourront être bons dans le monde et nous en tirerons tous les avantages d'un point de vue de l'emploi et du niveau de vie." 00:01:06
00:02:36 Soundbite (French) Pierre PFLIMLIN, EP President, interview on the occasion of the European Council of Milan, Milan (Italy) - 27/06/1985: "The common market wanted by the authors of the Treaty of Rome is not fully realised. It remains too many controls at the internal borders of the communities. Rightly M. Delors, President of the Commission, wants to abolish these obstacles by 1992. But to achieve these results, we must strengthen the institutions. (...) The European Council, have a great responsibility. It have to take concrete decisions to ensure that Europe is able to take his fate in the interests of our people and especially of young people. " - "Le marché commun qu'ont voulu créer les auteurs du traité de Rome n'est pas pleinement réalisé. Il y a encore au frontières intérieures des communautés beaucoup de contrôles et à juste titre M. Delors, Président de la Commission veut les abolir d'ici 92. Mais pour arriver à tous ces résultats, il faut renforcer les institutions. (...) Au conseil européen, vous avez une grande responsabilité. A vous de prendre des décisions concrètes afin que l'Europe soit capable d'assumer vraiment son destin dans l'intérêts de nos peuple et surtout des jeunes." 00:00:35
00:03:12 Soundbite (French) Gaston THORN, Former EC President, statement during a meeting of the European Federalists, Milan (Italy) - 27/06/1985: "We must put the internal market in concrete form today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. It will help all the workers and those 13 millions unemployed increasing for 13 consecutive years. If we want hope, we must finally realise the internal market today." - "Il nous faut de nouveau réussir aujourd'hui, pas demain, pas après demain le marché intérieur. Cette grande sauvegarde pour tous les travailleurs, pour ces 13 millions de chômeurs qui augmentent depuis 13 années consécutives. Si nous voulons un espoir, il nous faut enfin réaliser et aujourd'hui ce marché intérieur." 00:00:22
00:03:35 Soundbite (French) Jacques SANTER, President of the Council and Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Statement of the Council on the European Council of Milan, EP, Luxembourg - 09/07/1985 : "One of the most notable aspects of the European Council meeting in Milan was undoubtedly the determination shown by the Heads of State or Government to bring about, by 1992, the implementation of the ambitious programme for a genuine internal market proposed by the Commission in its White Paper. The opening up of markets as provided for in the Treaty of Rome has not led to the creation of a genuine internal market and will not do so until it is accompanied by a series of other measures. It is now obvious, and generally recognized, that the achievement of a genuine single market is dependent on a great deal more than just tariff reductions and the establishment of a Common Customs Tariff." 00:00:55
00:04:30 Francis Arthur COCKFIELD, EC Member, Presentation of the white paper on the Internal Market, EP, Strasbourg - 14/01/1986: "The completion of the internal market is probably the most important challenge facing Europe and its peoples today. Failure to meet this challenge in full would be to offer the people of Europe a narrower, less rewarding, less secure and less prosperous future than they could otherwise enjoy. (...) I am convinced that the louder and more widespread the cry for the barriers to come down, the faster they will do so. (Applause)" 00:00:40
00:05:11 Views of empty borders in Belgium, Germany and France (1989) 00:01:31
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