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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Hannes SWOBODA (S&D, AT) “The decision is good, but not enough, because it’s a decision depending on the time frame, we, the EP , specially myself urging Germany to give up the blockade, and really to come forward with a clear solution at the beginning of next year. European Parliament will to its legislation in December , and there is no reason why we should not over the new year work on an agreement with the Council, so that in the first month of the New Year the Banking Union can start. That is the condition for the recapitalisation of the banks, especially in Spain, If only that can be done, than the situation will improve. Because every months, Spain have to pay such high interest rates that can not use the money for investments and job creation. Therefore is very irresponsible for Mrs Merkel to stop or to block a quick solution”. 00:01:03
00:01:13 SOUNDBITE (English) Hannes SWOBODA (S&D, AT) “I think the European parliament must do the job, its because the supervision is not only about the eurozone, but maybe indirect also about other countries and other banks in no euro-zone countries, and there fore we have to find a solution within the EP for the supervision of the supervisors”. 00:00:20
00:01:33 SOUNDBITE (English) Hannes SWOBODA (S&D, AT) “The crises) is not yet over, we are still raising unemployment, there are still fragile social situation, and political situation, if you look at what happened in Greece… With a banking union it’s a big step forward, but is not the end of the round”. 00:00:16
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00:01:58 SOUNDBITE (English) Rebecca HARMS (GREENS/EFA, DE) “All European citizens should be able to trust in a good tough supervision of the banking sector, and I hope that until the end of the year all four questions can be solved or at list answered. For me the main question is who’s going to control the controller? So who’s going to supervise the Supervision authority and especially if is done by the ECB to z large extend. This new banking supervision, I would really like to see that they are also accountable, and I would prefer that they are accountable to the European Parliament”. 00:00:50
00:02:48 SOUNDBITE (English) Rebecca HARMS (GREENS/EFA, DE) “In most of the member states, in countries like Greece, true nationalist groups had success during the last elections. I think nationalism is not a solution, so the pro-European politicians also the heads of states meeting here, again and again, must not only ask for deeper European integration or for certain financial instruments. They must also explain to their citizens what for is this deeper integration”. 00:00:43
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00:03:38 SOUNBITE (English) Martin CALLANAN (ECR, UK) : “I’m only observe from the outside how this is working with democratic decision making ; what happen with the government elected, if they wants to have a different policy than this supper unelected Commissioner will decide. I think that will have serious implication for democracy and the rights of parliament’s trough out Europe. What’s the point of an election if the country can not decide its own tax policy, fiscal policy , budget policy . I think that will have very profound implication which will be examined before decisions are make on it”. 00:00:30
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