EP Sakharov Prize: statements by - Ali FARZAT, Syrian political cartoonist - Ahmed AL-SANUSI, Lybia

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End production: 10/10/2012   First transmission: 10/10/2012
The Sakharov Prize is intended to honour exceptional individuals who combat intolerance, fanaticism and oppression. Like Andrei Sakharov himself, all the winners of the prize have shown how much courage it takes to defend human rights and freedom of expression. Arab Spring laureates from last year were honoured in a special event hosted by EP President Schulz. Syrian cartoonist Ali Farzat has finally to receive his award in person.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ali FARZAT: "This suffering (in Syria) didn't start since the revolution, but has started 50 years ago with the dictatorship of bassist regime. Today the revolution has come in the streets. it is a human revolution , not a political one. it si the result of an oppression of more than 50 years. Its like a Tsunami , the results of mistakes and errors done by the humans. A dictator also can commit errors, and there fore create a Tsunami". 00:01:27
00:01:37 SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ali FARZAT: "The European countries must support the revolution and don't believe all the existing propagandas in the media. in fact I think that there is not a true media freedom. The media is a victim of political and economical interests . We have the explain very well the situation , and ask for help. we are asking for help for democracy and freedom. My freedom is your freedom. Unfortunately the governments today try to prolong this process and our government is taking the advantage continuing practicing all these violations. This is what makes the other governments to step away from supporting the revolution , because there are talks about a divided opposition, and that the opposition is talking sometimes strong or rigid position. but all this is not true, is not the true revolution as I seen it. 00:00:54
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00:02:35 SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ahmed al-SANUSI: "The support we hope to achieve can be a political or technical type, a support of human rights organisation, to civil society to the militants whom contributed to the revolution, but whom until now weren't' capable to install a true change. We will like to make our voice listen in Libya. Today we have only the public media which are publishing only wrong information's, and which are stopping us to fine the true way to take. The European countries must contact the true correspondents on the field. They will tell you the reality. We are suffering of corruption, administrative corruption. I will give you an example. The finance minister saying that there are milliards getting out of the country and we do not have at least the source information, from were all this money come from. This is only an example. So the thinks are not as you are seeing them. You must stain in contact with the persons whom can really tell you the truth". 00:02:29
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