Midday statement by Antonio TAJANI, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship, on the Toy safety campaign: extracts

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EU rules for toys impose the highest safety requirements in the world. To ensure these laws are correctly implemented and effective we need to ensure they are applied in practice by reliable and trustworthy toy manufacturers and retailers; backed up by efficient market surveillance by Member States' authorities, and, importantly, that consumers know what to look for when they buy toys for children. If one or more of these elements is missing, dangerous toys may still reach our children. As part of the on-going "European Toy Safety" campaign, the European Commission is launching a new video informing consumers how to both buy safe toys and use them safely. The video features CE-E, a singing robot, to introduce children to the idea of toy safety. The video also provides parents with access to toy safety tips on the dedicated campaign website.

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00:00:05 Arrival of Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE by Antonio Tajani (In French) saying that: Nearly 500 billion Euros worth of counterfeited goods are currently circulating throughout the world and it is expected that this figure would double before 2015. These products are like toys, textiles, leather, machines, virtually all sectors and unfortunately, there is a huge impact on jobs. 00:00:25
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00:00:40 SOUNDBITE by Antonio Tajani (In French) saying that: Here we are today to talk particularly about children. They too are consumers; look at these shoes for example; they contain more than 10 times as much as chrome 6 is permissible and above 3 milligrams, that substance is carcinogenic. 00:00:25
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00:01:12 SOUNDBITE by Antonio Tajani (In French) saying that: In 2009 we revised a directive on toys to introduce much stricter rules, one of the stricter in the world so as we could protect children's health and safety but however strict rules might be they on their own are not sufficient to provide the degree of safety we are looking for. It is very important that the economic operators do something which is reliable and it is important that consumers are properly informed as well. 00:00:34
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00:01:51 SOUNDBITE by Antonio Tajani (In French) saying that: As far as economic operators are concerned they are responsible for compliance of the toys they place on the market. The Commission is currently financing a training campaign for them; we have also trained manufactures in China so they can respect our rules on safety. 00:00:24
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00:02:22 SOUNDBITE by Antonio Tajani (In French) saying that: It's also important to make sure that the toys are appropriate to the age of the child and warnings can provide board information on how the toy should be used; for example for little scooters or skates or bicycles; parents are informed of what safety or protection is necessary to avoid injury. 00:00:22
00:02:44 Antonio Tajani leaving the press room 00:00:05
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