EP Extraordinary Conference of Presidents on EP position on Banking , Fiscal, Economic and political Union: - roundtable - statements by EP "Sherpas"

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EP President Schulz and political group leaders met with three of the EP 'sherpas': Elmar BROK (EPP, DE), Roberto GUALTIERI (S&D, IT) and Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE, BE) to define a mandate for the upcoming negotiations with the Council and Commission on the banking, fiscal, economic and political union. MEPs have stressed the need for democratic legitimacy and accountability for the new EU competences.

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00:00:05 Exterior shot of the EP, Brussels 00:00:05
00:00:10 Arrivals to the Conference of Presidents and ambience shots before the meeting starts (7 shots) 00:00:34
00:00:44 EP President Martin SCHULZ arrival, ambience shots, greetings to MEPs (4 shots) 00:00:18
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00:01:34 SOUNDBITE (English) Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE, BE): "Parliament is in favour of a Banking Union, the fastest as possible. What we are saying is that you need three building blocks for that, not only a single supervisor, that's one of the building blocks, but you need also a resolution fund, in case a bank is in difficulties, and third element is a guarantee scheme. And if you have these three building blocks then you can say that you have a real Banking Union". 00:00:28
00:02:02 SOUNDBITE (English) Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE, BE): (on the lack of willing of some member states to go on with the Banking, fiscal and economic Union) "It's like that: if because of the intervention of the ECB, there is less pressure, then automatically a number of member states are reluctant to go further in the idea of a banking union, economic union and fiscal union. It's always like that, the problem today in Europe is not economic or financial; the problem is political. The fact that a number of member states always, when the pressure is going down off the markets, they are stopping and blocking every step forward, it's a bad attitude!". 00:00:35
00:02:37 SOUNDBITE (English) Elmar BROK (EPP, DE): SOUNDBITE (English) Elmar BROK (EPP, DE): "We want to have an effective Economic and Monetary Union, which is community based, is community policy and non intergovernmental, as the Treaty says. We want to have the unity of the Union and not the divisions and new walls within the EU. That means also that the European Parliament is the Parliament of European Monetary Union and therefore I think we need the EP, in close cooperation with National parliaments, to make sure that there is not a democratic gap developing". 00:00:29
00:03:06 SOUNDBITE (English) Elmar BROK (EPP, DE): "The Treaty says clearly: 'the euro is the currency of the European Union and the monetary union, and the EP is the parliament of the Union, so it's very clear and we stick to this position. We want to create a situation where democratic accountability is clear and where we deal with a lot of questions in cooperation with National parliaments". 00:00:27
00:03:33 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Roberto GUALTIERI (S&D, IT): "The Parliament believes that there is juridical margin as well as the political need to act immediately, within the current Treaties, and not to entrust the future of the euro to a future change of the Treaties. We are formulating very specific proposals that would boost economic growth, employment, solidarity and democracy, within the current juridical framework. In doing so, we also create the political basis for a reform of the Treaties, a reform which should get the citizens support. So, from the point of view of the project's timing, we propose to start immediately with the instruments we have in order to create the conditions for a future change of the Treaties". 00:00:50
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