Votes on Parliament position on 2013 Budget: statements by - Giovanni LA VIA (EPP, IT), rapporteur - Derek VAUGHAN (S&D, UK), rapporteur - Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), President of the EP Committee on Budgets extracts from the votes

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The EP Committee on Budgets has approuved today the EP position on the EU budget for 2013. To enable the EU to pay incoming bills, the European Commission's budget proposal for payments must be reinstated, to restore funds cut by the Council, said Parliament's Budgets Committee in its position, voted Thursday, on the EU's 2013 budget. In areas that MEPs believe are vital to boost the economy, such as research, entrepreneurship and employment measures, the committee recommended reversing the cuts of €1.9 billion proposed by the Council in July. For regional policy, MEPs sought to reverse proposed cuts amounting to €1.6 billion, and added a provision, amounting to €16 million for some small pilot projects. Due to a conflict with the Council over the legal basis of decisions on the Schengen border check-free area, MEPs decided to put 75% of the budget for four Schengen-related programmes in a reserve, pending a resolution of the issue. For Palestine and the Middle East Peace process, MEPs voted not only to reinstate the €200 million foreseen in the Commission draft budget, but to add €100 million to this heading. MEPs agreed on further cuts of €8.5 million to Parliament's own budget, as proposed by the Commission. In effect this would increase Parliament's budget by 1.9% as compared to 2012, which equals estimated inflation.

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00:00:10 EP Committee on Budgets: ambience shots during the voting session on the EP position on the EU Budget 2013 (14 shots) 00:00:55
00:01:05 SOUNDBITE (English) Giovanni LA VIA (EPP, IT), rapporteur: "There is a strong effort from the Parliament to growth and jobs, especially in heading 1A, we want and we ask for more money on research, for small and medium enterprises, for entrepreneurship, for life-long learning... In other words, for some lines that we see that are very important for growth and job. We are going also to reinforce heading 4, external policy, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean area, where we need for this period a strong support for having more peace". 00:00:41
00:01:46 SOUNDBITE (English) Giovanni LA VIA (EPP, IT), rapporteur: "We think inside the European Parliament that the European budget is an investment budget and then we have a big added value in the European budget, for instance one euro's invest in research has a return of 14 euro in term of added value. This is the reason why we want to reinforce some lines because we want to have more growth and jobs, and the reading of the Council is not in the same line. They speak about growth and jobs but they cut the most important lines for growth and jobs". 00:00:36
00:02:22 SOUNDBITE (English) Derek VAUGHAN (S&D, UK), rapporteur: "We have been trying to achieve an increase in the Parliament's budget next year below inflation and I think we have achieved that. What the Budget's committee did today was a agree on an increase of 1,9 % including the cost of Croatia and to achieve that we've needed to make around 18 million euros worth of savings; so we froze our members allowances; we have cut the travel budget from members and staff, we've also made cuts in our building's budget so that's a big cut in the Parliament's budget but we have done that in order to say at the end of the day we have achieved an increase next year below the rate of inflation." 00:00:38
00:03:00 SOUNDBITE (English) Derek VAUGHAN (S&D, UK), rapporteur: "We've also been encouraging other institutions to have an increase next year of 1,9%, and I am pleased to say that the majority of other institutions will come in at 1,9% or below. Probably three will be slightly higher than that but in general I think that all institutions are on a modest increase next year". 00:00:20
00:03:20 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), President of the EP Committee on Budgets: "I would like to insist on the fact that there is an absolute need to finance the operations that have already been launched, especially in those countries going through severe economic troubles, the countries getting financial assistance inside or outside the euro-area. We are measuring at this point, autumn 2012, that we have not foreseen in the 2012 Budget enough credit payments to achieve the 2012 credit obligations. So the cohesion funds are at risk, also the European social Fund and the Erasmus and life-long learning programmes, and even the research and innovation programmes. So we absolutely need to get the appropriate level for the credit obligations in order to follow up on these programmes that are nowadays at risk". 00:01:06
00:04:26 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), President of the EP Committee on Budgets: "All Budget ministers in the EU need to put its own house in order, establishing the necessary credit payments amounts required to achieve the operations already launched and financed by the EU. From that moment on, we will be able to work in a more transparent and efficient way in order to determine the real amount of EU's budget for 2013". 00:00:36
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