Official visit of Martin SCHULZ, EP President to Dublin, Ireland: - meeting with students and speakers of the University College Dublin - meeting with Eamon GILMORE, Tanaiste & Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade

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European Parliament , Dublin, Ireland (recorded on 3rd october)

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Exterior view logo UCD - University College Dublin 00:00:05
00:00:10 Arrival of Martin SCHULZ, EP President, handshake (3 shots) 00:00:12
00:00:22 Views in the Aula ahead the debate (2 shots) 00:00:05
00:00:27 SOUNDBITE (English) Students' Debate : “We are all part of this European community now, we can joke about it, but we are a big family: Germany is obviously the father, France its probably the mother and the UK is a sort of disinterested uncle , and the rest of us are just the children who want free money and that’s how every family works, so that’s perfect, enjoy the debate” applause 00:00:29
00:00:56 Students welcoming Martin SCHULZ, EP President, applause 00:00:14
00:01:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: “We are living in the same continent, challenged by other parts of the word, in a world-wide competition , a world where – the most important treat , in my eyes, for the XXI century is the climate change”. 00:00:18
00:01:28 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: “The speculation against currencies: the Euro, or the Dollar, the Euro or the Yen ; speculation against food prices. One of the biggest shames in the world, in my eyes , is that people can beat on international financial markets , beat on arising and increasing food prices. When they beat billions of Euros or Dollars is with a single goal : I got money when the food prices will be increased, that means for a lot of people in the world that can’t pay anymore their food. That represent nothing else that the hunger of one part of the world is the profit of the other part of the world. This is a perverse system. 00:00:46
00:02:14 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President, If you want to meet the challenges of the XXI century we need a strong, united Europe. You’re right! Europe is on of the richest continents in the world. But the richness on this continent is very unfair distributed. I share your view, entirely; Greek people, Irish people, Portuguese or Spanish people, should not pay the losses of these outreach speculating capitalism we have in Europe since 20 years. But is this the responsibility of the ideal of European unification? No, this is a result of an overwhelming majority of right wind governments in the EU member states, That’s the reality”. 00:00:49
00:03:03 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: “If Europe is not led in the right direction we should not replace Europe. If Ireland is badly governed , you will not replace Ireland as country, but you change the government”. 00:00:11
00:03:14 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: "My ideal of Europe, of the future of Europe is that we organise the EU at the level of the same rights for every nation , for every country. Not a big country has more to say than the other one". 00:00:17
00:03:31 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President, “My Europe is with common institutions not with representative of national states, but with representatives of all citizens with equal rights , with equal access to the goods of our common continent. We are all seated together, and than it doesn’t matter if I am a German or Irish , than I am an European 00:00:20
00:03:51 Applause 00:00:12
00:04:03 Exterior views of the University building (2 night shots) 00:00:14
00:04:17 Exterior view of the Iveagh House, delegation arrival 00:00:10
00:04:27 Martin SCHULZ, EP President is welcomed by Eamon GILMORE, the Tànaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (3 shots) 00:00:29
00:04:56 Opening of the official dinner (2 shots) 00:00:21
00:05:17 End 00:00:00
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