Agriculture and Fisheries Council: Extracts from the arrivals and doorsteps

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End production: 16/07/2012   First transmission: 16/07/2012
Concerning agriculture, two public debates will take place in the Council on the proposals for regulations on rural development and the common organisation of the markets in agricultural products within the framework of the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform. As regards fisheries, the ministers will hold an exchange of views on a Commission communication concerning a consultation on fishing opportunities for 2013. Finally, the Council will be briefed on the situation of the dairy sector, the consequences of wildfires for agriculture in Spain, cooperation with China in the agri-food sector, a conference of EU paying agencies, the animal welfare during transport and North East Atlantic mackerel management.

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00:00:05 Arrival and SOUNDBITE by Sofoclis Aletraris, Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus and President in office of the Council n(In English) saying that: We'll be discussing risk management instruments under rural development and we'll furthermore discuss exceptional support measures on common market organisation (CMO). I'll also present the Cyprus programme for this semester on agriculture and fisheries as well. 00:00:40
00:00:45 Petr Bendl,Czech Minister of Agriculture 00:00:10
00:00:55 Nikolaus Berklakovich, Austrian Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management 00:00:07
00:01:02 SOUNDBITE by Miguel Arias Canete, Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment (In Spanish) saying that: In this council we are going top talk about two issues: agriculture and fisheries. We keep studing the reform in agriculture. Today we will address the risk management systems where Spain argues that along with the mutual systems proposed by the European Commission, the agricultural insurance system that Spain developed should still subsist. We are pioneers of those systems and they work very well. Dramatically, many casualties has happened this year, we had frost, hail and forest fires and has been shown that Spanish insurance system is the most powerful system of the European Union that insure the farmers in complex situations. 00:00:41
00:01:43 Mette Gjerskov, Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries 00:00:16
00:01:59 Snježana Spanjol, Croatian Deputy Minister of Agriculture 00:00:16
00:02:15 Sabine Laruelle, Belgian Minister for SMEs, the Self-Employed, Agriculture and Science Policy 00:00:03
00:02:18 Miroslav Naydenov, Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture and Food 00:00:11
00:02:29 Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister for Agricluture, food-processing and Forest 00:00:07
00:02:36 End 00:00:00
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