Extracts from the press conference by Siim Kallas on Roadworthiness testing for motor vehicles and their trailers

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On 13 July 2012, Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, gave a press conference on Roadworthiness testing for motor vehicles and their trailers. Vehicle checks are fundamental to road safety. More than 5 people die on Europe's roads every day in accidents linked to technical failure. So the European Commission adopted new rules to toughen up the testing regime and widen its scope. Technical defects contribute heavily to accidents. They are responsible for 6% of all car accidents, translating into 2,000 fatalities and many more injuries yearly. 8 % of all motorcycle accidents are linked to technical defects. The main problem is that there are simply too many vehicles with technical defects on the road.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Arrival of Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport 00:00:05
10:00:10 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): This morning we are presenting new proposals to strengthen vehicle's checks. Technical faults are very serious; they are linked to 6% of all serious car accidents and 8% of all accidents involving motorbikes and scooters. Most of these accidents are for vehicles over 6 years old. 00:00:23
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10:00:37 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): We are focusing efforts on the most serious problems: The quality of tests, older cars, and cars with high mileage, motorbikes and scooters. What are we proposing? First we are setting new minimum standards on the quality of vehicle's tests and inspectors. When you pay your money you need to get reliable and high quality safety check on your vehicle. 00:00:30
10:01:08 Cutaway of a cameraman 00:00:03
10:01:11 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): Secondly, we are increasing the frequency of tests for older cars and cars with high mileage. These cars are getting safer and safer but older cars of generally speaking more than 6 years old still go wrong more often; they are linked to more accidents and more serious accidents. 00:00:23
10:01:34 Cutaway of a journalist 00:00:03
10:01:37 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): Finally we are bringing to EU wide compulsory testing for motorbikes and scooters; these are the most vulnerable road users. If you are driving a car or a motorbike which is not fit to be on the road, you are a danger to yourself and to all the other road users around you. We don't want these vehicles on our roads. 00:00:25
10:02:03 General view of the press conference 00:00:04
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