EP vote on the resolution on the situation in Ukraine: - extracts

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End production: 13/12/2012   First transmission: 13/12/2012
In a resolution adopted on Thursday Parliament confirms the EU’s commitment to signing the association agreement with Ukraine, possibly in time for the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius in November 2013, but only if the country demonstrates tangible progress towards democratic principles, rule of law, independence of the judiciary and media freedom. Though the association agenda with Ukraine is still on, the country must prove its commitment to genuine democracy before an agreement can be signed, say MEPs in the light of the unsatisfactory 2012 elections which were meant to be a key test of Ukraine’s progress. MEPs regret that the 2012 parliamentary elections, which were to be "a key test" for Ukraine’s development into fully fledged democracy, failed to meet international standards and were "a step backwards" compared to previous elections. They cite reports of intimidation of candidates and electoral staff, lack of balanced media coverage and irregularities in the vote count. The House calls on the Ukraine government to address the inconclusive results in some electoral districts and the shortcomings of the electoral law and urges it to find, together with the EP’s envoys Aleksander Kwasniewski and Pat Cox, a solution to the Tymoshenko case.

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