Foreign Affairs Council (Trade): extracts from the press conference by Pia OLSEN DYHR, Danish Minister for Trade and Investment and Karel de GUCHT, Member of the EC in charge of Trade

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End production: 31/05/2012   First transmission: 31/05/2012
The Council took stock of a "scoping exercise" with Japan, exploring the prospects for a possible free trade agreement. It reviewed progress on a comprehensive economic and trade agreement with Canada, and was briefed on the work of an EU-United States high-level working group for growth and jobs. The Council also discussed trade liberalisation in the "green" sector, as well as the contribution of trade to the growth agenda.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Pia Olsen Dyhr, Danish Minister for Trade and Investment: Trade is the only positive growth driver in Europe in 2012. Had it not been for the contribution of external trade of 0.6 % point growth which has been negative in European Union? From 2050, 90% of the world economic growth is expected to take place outside Europe, wee need to tap into this effectively. The economic impact of realising all current and free trade agreement negotiations is an increase of GDP with approximately 2.2% which equals about 275 billion Euros and it means more importantly 2.2 billion jobs in Europe. 00:00:56
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00:01:11 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Karel de Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade: I am please to announce the scoping exercise with Japan. On the trade for growth agenda, all the issues including green growth will contribute to increase growth in Europe. 90% of future economic growth should be generated outside Europe, one third of it in China alone. The strategy of reciprocal market opening with large emerging countries will connect us to these new global sources of growth but simply trade matters are never more so than now. 00:00:33
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00:01:48 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Karel de Gucht on the agreement with Japan: The scoping exercise is finalised and what we will do now is, in the coming weeks, present drafts negotiation directives with the Council, that we will have to decide, that is the logical next step in the procedure. 00:00:27
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