Situation in Georgia: - extracts from the debate

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End production: 04/07/2012   First transmission: 04/07/2012
MEPs debated the latest foreign policy hotspot, of which the situation in Georgia ahead of elections and the political tensions there .

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Andreas MAVROYIANNIS (EU Council) "The EU remains committed to conflict resolution efforts in Georgia trough strong support to Georgia's territorial integrity trough our contribution to security and stability by the deployment of the EU monitoring mission, and trough our leading role as co chairs in Geneva international discussions. The conflict over Abkhazia and South Ossetia remains high in our agenda and we will continue to spare no effort to help find solutions. This commitment was strongly reflected in the Council conclusions of 27/02/2012". 00:00:46
00:00:56 SOUNDBITE (Polish) Krzysztof LISEK (EPP, PL) "I think one major think has happened, and the minister has just mentioned it , we have a new entity, a new leader of the opposition, someone who has billions of dollars of his disposal, a much larger budget than the national budget of Georgia. That money is not well used. I can talk about my experience from the previous months, and I think we all have that kind of experience. For some months now, we have whiteness information coming to us from Georgia, about president Saakashvili being a monster, and about the activities of the ruling party, and how bleatingly its brakes the law, etc ;etc.; I decided to investigate the matter, and it's seems that a team of British, German and other companies, have been hired by this person to work for him. I would like to stress one think very clearly: the existence of oligarch in politics never ends well, and this is my message to the opposition ion Georgia." 00:01:28
00:02:24 SOUNDBITE (English) Libor ROUCEK(S&D, CZ) "However there will be elections in October, the parliamentary elections and in 2013 the presidential elections in Georgia and we can see, we can feel that the political tensions in Georgia is raising. So I would like to say, what our Georgian friends needs , both in the government camp, and in the opposition camp is to calm down the situation. Georgia needs free and fair election. Georgia need to create free and fair pre-election conditions, that all political groups, all political parties, including the opposition coalition, has free and access to the media". 00:00:41
00:03:05 SOUNDBITE (Romanian) Norica NICOLAI (ALDE, RO ) "I would like to point out that democracy is not a war, between satellite TV stations, its not a war fought trough the media , its fine to have more than one TV channel representing different points of view , we know that perfectly well, that is not just the case in Eastern Europe , here is this part of Europe too there is a temptation to claim monopoly on truth and that very dangerous and it can lead to problem with democracy". 00:00:31
00:03:36 SOUNDBITE (English) Ulrike LUNACEK (Greens/ALE, AT) "I think it's not for us to site just with one side. its for us to define what we think its necessary for a democratic, modern country to do and what we are really concerned about, and what our debate would be about is to worn Georgians, both the government and opposition and the citizens, that a world of wars and in transparent conditions for elections is something that is harming our would harm the image of Georgia." 00:00:31
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