Statement by José Manuel BARROSO, President of the EC, on Growth and Jobs for Greece

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On 18 April, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, set out the reasons why it believes Greece can transform itself – through the implementation of the agreed adjustment programme and with the ongoing support and solidarity of the EU, channelled by the Commission. The Commission highlighted the steps that need to be taken during 2012, as part of the programme and explains the huge range of support measures that it can mobilise to help Greece begin to generate new economic dynamism, job creation and social cohesion. President Barroso said: "The people of Greece do not stand alone in their efforts to return the country to growth and jobs. The EU and the wider international community have shown solidarity with the people of Greece on an unprecedented scale. A package of grants, loans and debt forgiveness amounting to € 380 billion has been mobilised to help Greece. The sacrifices being made by the Greek people will bring rewards in the near future as Greece embraces the priority actions for 2012 identified by the Commission today. "

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (in English) José Manuel Barroso, EC President: What the Commission is saying today to the Greek people is very clear. You are not alone in your efforts. We believe it is possible for Greece to come back to growth and job creation. EU with some partner of international community has put together very ambitious program of support, unprecedented support to Greece. If you consider all the elements of that support from grants, loans, and debt forgiveness, it comes to 380 billion Euros. We believe it is possible for Greece to transform itself, so that it can generate growth and jobs. We know how painful are the sacrifices that have been endured by the Greek people but we believe that this can have a good result to restore competitiveness and the possibility of growth in Greece. We believe we can already see some changes during this year if every body commit. If we continue our support but also if the Greek citizens, the Greece leaders, the different institutions in Greece are ready to work together for this program that is not a new program but has now, at the initiative of the Commission, 30 concrete very specific measures to increase the possibilities of growth and jobs. So, it is important also now to create hope for Greece and it is exactly in this direction that together with our Greek friends, we are working to make it happen: Growth in Greece. 00:01:41
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