Official visit to Italy of Martin SCHULZ, EP President: - extracts from the ceremony in Marzabotto

Type: News   Reference: 82427   Duration: 00:03:52  Lieu: Marzabotto, Italy
End production: 24/02/2012   First transmission: 24/02/2012
Speech by EP President Martin Schulz to commemorate the Marzabotto massacre during World War II :

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Opening of the ceremony: European and Italian Anthems by the choir "Accademia Corale Reno"; - General views during the ceremony (11 shots) 00:00:50
00:00:55 Close up with one survivor Francesco PIRINI (aged 87) 00:00:15
00:01:10 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: “After all what’s happened here, it is a miracle that I’m welcomed here today as a friend. For me it this is a great gift. A gift I will never forget, and for that I will be thankful to you all my life”. 00:00:36
00:01:46 Exterior view of the Municipality of Marzabotto, delegation preparing the wreath and going to the Memorial (4 shots) 00:00:16
00:02:02 Delegation arriving to the Memorial, Martin SCHULZ, EP President regarding the photos of the victims; solemn moment. 00:00:10
00:02:12 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: I am a representative of Germany in to an International institution. The crimes committed here, German crimes, belongs to a different Germany . It is not my Germany, my Germany has become an European Germany. I bring my contribution to the fact that today’s Germany is strongly contributing to a stronger Europe. 00:00:28
00:02:40 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ, EP President ( concerning The Hague verdict that Germany is not obliged to pay more for the second war crimes): I can not comment about a judicial verdict which I have to respect. But the political reactions which followed this verdict, shown that there is still much to do. This is one of the reasons of my presence in Marzabotto today. 00:00:25
00:03:05 President Schulz paying tribute to the victims at the Memorial. Wreath lay ceremony (3 shots) 00:00:14
00:03:19 Arriving in Monte Sole and visiting San Martino ; Wreath lay ceremony (3 shots) 00:00:25
00:03:44 Delegation departure 00:00:08
00:03:52 END 00:00:00
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