Food distribution to the most deprived persons in the Union

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More than 18 million of the most deprived persons in 19 Member States are to benefit from the Food Distribution Programme in the European Union. In the years 2012-2013, approximately one billion Euros will go to the poorest in the EU. The Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the European Parliament adopted, by a large majority, the recommendation of the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Czesław Siekierski MEP, to continue the Food Distribution Programme for the most deprived persons in the European Union for the years 2012-2013. The Food Distribution Programme was established in 1987 under the Common Agricultural Policy. In recent years, about 18 million Europeans have benefited from the programme via more than 240 food banks and charity organisations.

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00:00:05 Storage space and volunteers placing an order with products from the European Union to a charity organization. Close up of logo "European Union". Cutaways of volunteers working in a warehouse, sorting out food to be send to a charity organization. ("Les restaurants du Coeur"). Strasbourg. France. 02-2012. (10 shots). 00:00:54
00:00:59 Loading truck with an order for "Les restaurants du Coeur" a French charity organization. Strasbourg. France. 02-2012. (3 shots). 00:00:39
00:01:38 Hospice shop, volunteers and deprived persons doing shopping together. Products with EU logo. Strasbourg. France. 02-2012. (10 shots). 00:01:00
00:02:38 French charity organization offering hot meals to deprived people. Chef cooking. Strasbourg. France. 02-2012. (9 shots). 00:00:38
00:03:16 Volunteers distributing hot meals. Cutaways: people queuing, close up people eating. Strasbourg. France. 02-2012. (14 shots). 00:01:26
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