Extracts from the press conference by Günther Oettinger on the Energy Roadmap 2050

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On 15 December 2011, Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, held a press conference on the Energy Roadmap 2050. To achieve the goal of cutting emissions by over 80% by 2050, Europe's energy production will have to be almost carbon-free. How to achieve this without disrupting energy supplies and competitiveness is the question answered by the Energy Roadmap 2050. Based on the analysis of a set of scenarios, the document describes the consequences of a carbon free energy system and the policy framework needed. This should allow Member States to make the required energy choices and create a stable business climate for private investment, especially until 2030.

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10:00:05 Arrival of Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy 00:00:05
10:00:10 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that they have to make an overall reduction of 80%; this means that the energy sector has to bring down its emissions to almost zero; that is an enormous 100% reduction of CO2 in the energy sector, it has to be the objective and that's what the 'Energy roadmap 2050' is based on. 00:00:25
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10:00:42 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that they want to make an important contribution too and set the basis for investors making investments into different sectors: research, storage, so as to ensure that energy efficiency should be enhanced and planning security should be created; the basis for investors has to be set. 00:00:26
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10:01:14 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that the roadmap is to serve as a basis for a comprehensive debate, free of prejudices in the European Parliament, with the national parliaments, with the governments of the Member States, the Energy Ministers, with the European Council, with NGO, with energy sectors, with investors, with finances with all of those who are involved and affected by this. 00:00:30
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10:01:50 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that the ambition is to ensure that discussion should not continue as long as they did last decade but rather that in the present term of this Parliament and this Commission; by 2013 or 2014, decision should be taken on new medium term and long term aims. 00:00:22
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10:02:18 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that first, the aim is to bring about decarbonisation of the economy and they have this overwriting aim that they have connected with two other aims which are of equal importance, that is security of supply for energy, oil, gas, coil, biomass and electricity; they want to sustain this and improve this. 00:00:31
10:02:50 General view - end of the press conference 00:00:05
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