Statement by Cecilia MALMSTRÖM, Member of the EC in charge of Home Affairs, on the deadly attacks in Liège, Belgium, and in Florence, Italy

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Cecilia Malmström, Member of the EC in charge of Home Affairs reacted on the deadly attacks in Liège, Belgium, and in Florence, Italy that both occured today. A 33 year old man shot and threw grenades into the crowd on Tuesday the busiest place in Liège, killing three bystanders and wounding at least 75 before finding death in circumstances that remain unclear. A far-right activist described as lonely and depressed killed Tuesday by gunfire two Senegalese street vendors and injured three others seriously in a deadly expedition in two markets of Florence before committing suicide.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Cecilia Malmström: We deplore the horrible events in Liège, we are trying to find out more information, we hear that there are several people injured, there are figures between forty and fifty people but this changes everytime and at least two people dead and several very seriously injured, this is of course horrible, we all expressed our solidarity towards the Belgian authorities, President Barroso has also sent a letter of condolences and we are waiting for more information. In this context I also want to deplore and to condemn forcefully the attack in Italy that a man from the extreme right seems to have been done towards a group of immigrants and we are also waiting for more information on this, this is of course a horrible crime and we condemn it with vigour. 00:00:45
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