Sakharov Prize 2011 - Arab Spring:

Type: News   Reference: 81512   Duration: 00:03:20  Lieu: Strasbourg, France - EP
End production: 14/12/2011   First transmission: 14/12/2011
- extracts from the press conference by Jerzy BUZEK, EP President, Asmaa Mahfouz (Egypt) and Ahmed EL-SENUSSI (Libya)

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Exterior shot of the EP, Strasbourg 00:00:05
00:00:10 Arrival to the press conference : Jerzy BUZEK, EP President, Asmaa Mahfouz (Egypt) and Ahmed EL-SENUSSI (Libya) 00:00:09
00:00:19 SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Asmaa MAHFOUZ, Sakharov Prize Winner 2011 (Egypt): "When I talk about the military Council I would like to draw a distinction and emphasize that we in Egypt are very proud of wonderful armed forces; we are prod of them, but we are against the idea of Egypt put under military rule. We are against the violation of human rights, we are against any dictatorship and any repression". 00:00:32
00:00:51 SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Asmaa MAHFOUZ, Sakharov Prize Winner 2011 (Egypt): "Islam is a religion of peace; Islam gives rights to democracy and human rights to all people, also to women. I am proud of being a Muslim and I'm proud of being Arab. On the other hand we always hear that terror comes from the Arab world; that's not true. We are fighting against all kinds of oppression by peaceful means". 00:00:38
00:01:29 SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ahmed EL-SENUSSI, Sakharov Prize Winner 2011 (Libya): "On national reconciliation in Libya, it is true; it has been like if we were in a civil war, where there are winners and losers. But the situation is different here, because the Libyan people are one family, and the enemy was Khadafy with his militias and national reconciliation was set up and determined by the NTC with the whole world involved. As long as those individuals have not committed any crime against the Libyan people, that was the only condition. Otherwise, reconciliation is open to all people, to all parties, and those who have committed crimes will be taken before the courts, and those who are convicted will be punished in accordance with the criminal code and those who will be acquitted will take their place in society". 00:01:13
00:02:42 SOUNDBITE (English) Jerzy BUZEK, EP President: "The most important question is about prosperity in the future. We should help them. If we want to keep long term democracy and stability in this part of the world we should also support them with our projects, with investement". 00:00:21
00:03:03 End of the conference, shot with the family of Mr EL-SENUSSI 00:00:17
00:03:20 END 00:00:00
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