General Affairs Council: extracts from the intermediary press conference

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the Council will take note of a presidency progress report on the EU multiannual financial framework for the 2014-2020 period. It will prepare the European Council meeting on 9 December on the basis of draft conclusions. The Commission will present its annual growth survey and its work programme for 2012. President Herman Van Rompuy will join ministers to discuss preparations for the European Council over lunch.

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00:00:14 Soundbite by Mikolaj Dowgielewicz, Polish State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and President in office of the Council (In POLISH) saying that: Today, the Polish Presidency submitted a report to the Council on the stage of negotiations on multi annual financial framework; it is a Presidency report so we did not discussed or agreed the text with delegations however, because there were different opinions; it seems that the report achieved the correct balance because if everybody is unhappy it means that the reports is balanced. 00:00:36
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00:00:55 Soundbite by Mikolaj Dowgielewic (In POLISH) saying that: I think that the budget negotiations will be very intense from the beginning of next year; so intense that by the end of June next year there will be a major decision made and many important decisions will be ready by the end of the next year. This is our calendar, this is our schedule of negotiations and I hope it will be approved by the European Council this week. 00:00:27
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00:01:28 Soundbite by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration (In ENGLISH) saying that: Proposal made by the Commission is taken as a very solid basis for the discussion, now the clarification and exploratory phase is over and the negotiations on MFF will start under the Danish Presidency which also presented very impressive schedule for the next semester. 00:00:25
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00:01:58 Soundbite by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration (In ENGLISH) saying that: My last presentation was on annual growth survey. Here again, in the Commission we are very pleased about the positive reception of this document and also the acceptations of rather critical tone in the annual growth survey because we highlighted the plusses but also shortcomings and we put a strong emphasis on the implementation which in some areas has been obviously lacking. 00:00:35
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