Award of the Sakharov Prize 2011

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Statement by Manoubia BOUAZIZI, mother of Mohamed Bouazizi Mohamed Bouazizi proves that history is not written only by military leaders or politicians. A market trader from a small town in the Tunisian hinterland, Bouazizi was one among many young men frustrated by oppression and a lack of prospects.

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00:00:15 SOUNDBITE (Arabic): Manoubia BOUAZIZI, mother of Mohamed Bouazizi: "Due to the tyranny and political pressure, the young people went through a hard time. All his friends suffered from tyranny, corruption, segregation… my son was just trying to come over this situation, in that time of the regime of Ben Ali, we couldn’t raise our voices. We have always believed that this is it, this Tunisia. And nothing could be done. Cops were always the rulers. We were not aware, and no intellectual civilized people dared to challenge this situation, we were under their shoes, under pressure. We were afraid of speaking aloud. That’s why he supported this cause; for benefit of the youth, against tyranny, segregation, corruption. And that’s why his friends followed him, they have organized these manifestations and it came to the revolution." 00:01:09
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