EP Delegation to COP 17 in Durban: - Illustration shots in Durban and COP 17 - Statement by Chair of the EP delegation Jo LEINEN (S&D, DE)

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From 05-09.12.11, a 15-Member EP delegation will attend the COP 17 Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa. This delegation will be chaired by Jo LEINEN (S&D, DE), Chairman of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. On 16.11.11, the Parliament has adopted a resolution which will act as its mandate for the Conference.

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Durban City Hall and Post office, external shots, atmosphere in the streets of Durban 00:00:35
00:00:40 Atmosphere shots at the Durban Conference NGOs activities area, 'Durban beach front': 'Baobab' tree with lights working by the motion of the bikes. 00:00:32
00:01:12 COP 17 International Conference Center (ICC) in Durban, external shots, South African and UN flags, entrance to the ICC 00:00:18
00:01:30 Atmosphere at the COP 17 ICC, delegates entering the plenary room. Ambience shots at the plenary. 00:00:40
00:02:10 EP delegation members arriving to the first meeting. MEPs: Jo Leinen, Chair of the delegation, Bairbre de Brun, Anna Rosbach, Dan Jorgensen with Commissioner Connie Hedegaard. 00:00:17
00:02:27 Briefing by Arthur Runge-Metzger, Director of International and Climate Strategy, DG CLIMA, EC, ambience shots 00:00:33
00:03:00 SOUNDBITE (English) Jo LEINEN, Chair of the EP delegation to COP 17: "Europe has of course to stick to the commitments and promises made in Cancun, and one of them is of course the green Climate Fund. A fund that could help developing countries to go ahead with adaptation and mitigation and to speed up in their efforts to reduce climate gases". 00:00:23
00:03:23 SOUNDBITE (English) Jo LEINEN, Chair of the EP Delegation to COP 17: "Durban is called as well the African climate conference and most of African countries will need help. So I don't think that Europe could go away from Durban without a clear message that we help our neighbor Continent". 00:00:17
00:03:40 SOUNDBITE (English) Jo LEINEN, Chair of the EP Delegation to COP 17: "If the US are not ready, we hope that they come later, but it cannot be that the industrialised world is avoiding real commitments to solidarity with the poor part of this planet to engage in climate protection". 00:00:18
00:03:58 SOUNDBITE (English) Jo LEINEN, Chair of the EP Delegation to COP 17: "I hope that the two bigger emitters, the US and China, are ready to go for a roadmap for a global deal, and then the EU and others should also go for a Kyoto II right away here in Durban". 00:00:22
00:04:20 Jo LEINEN, Chair of the EP Delegation to COP 17 and Connie HEDEGAARD, Commissioner for Climate Action 00:00:05
00:04:25 END 00:00:00
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