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End production: 05/12/2011   First transmission: 05/12/2011
- extracts from discussion with Ahmed SHAHEED, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran with the Delegation for relations with Iran

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00:00:24 SOUNDBITE (English) Ahmed Shaheed, The United Nations independent expert on the situation of human rights in Iran: "Almost each passing day the situation in Iran is getting worse. And this has continued even after the period my report was produced two months back. Just last week the Committee to protect Journalists gave me a report which indicated to me that Iran today is the worst offender in terms of media freedom. They now have 42 journalists in detention. Iran was second worse last year, now it is the worst in this regard. The situation is really getting bad.“ 00:00:36
00:01:00 SOUNDBITE (English) Ahmed Shaheed, The United Nations independent expert on the situation of human rights in Iran: „In terms of capital punishment, it has the highest issue per capital in terms to people put to death and the second highest total in the world entirely. Again a very serious concern that I have expressed in my report and which you have also shared. There is a policy of targeting of human rights defenders. We are finding lawyers who defend people accused of political offenses, are being targeted. This has a multiplying impact. If you arrest or intimidate those who defend their rights, than you will have punishes impact on right. 00:00:45
00:01:45 SOUNDBITE (German) Kurt Lechner, (EPP, DE): „It hat been twice already that from the side of Iran a visit was cancelled in the very last minute. They used some very doubtful reasons.“ 00:00:19
00:02:04 SOUNDBITE Kurt Lechner, (EPP, DE) in German „The Iran Delegation deals not only with humanitarian issues, but also with other topics. But humanitarian rights have the first priority. And we often discussed this. Now I would like to know, what are our possibilities, besides of information, dialog, letters, resolutions and sanctions may be - what else can we do to influence in a better way?“ 00:00:32
00:02:36 SOUNDBITE (English) Struan R STEVENSON (ECR, UK): „I have to say Mr. Shaheed, you are doing a very courageous job in exposing all of this horrific crimes against humanity that take place in Iran and indeed attempting to go there in order to bring further information to us and try to change the ways of the Mullahs. I think you are doing something very courageous". 00:00:28
00:03:04 SOUNDBITE (English) Bastiaan BELDER (EFD, NL): „What are your possibilities to prevent the execution for example Pastor Nadarkhani,. I was informed what is at the moment at stake is a new pillow coat death penalty. All issues that are not mentioned will be get a verdict and should be used according the Sharia and than his cases is lost”. 00:00:35
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