EU-Brazil Summit: extracts from the press conference by Herman VAN ROMPUY, President of the European Council, Dilma ROUSSEFF, President of Brazil and José Manuel BARROSO, EC President

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This is the 5th EU-Brazil Summit. The Summit’s agenda covers cover global, regional and bilateral issues. Leaders will be discussing, among other issues, climate change and the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, the international financial and economic situation and the G20 process, cooperation in the multilateral context and human rights, energy, Mercosur and the on-going negotiations for an EU-Mercosur Association Agreement, and investment and trade. Leaders will also exchange views on the political situation in some regions of the world, like North Africa and the Middle East.

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00:00:10 Soundbite in English, Herman VAN ROMPUY, President of the European Council: "EU and Brazil have closer and more comprehensive relation than ever before since the establishment of the strategic partnership in 2007. In just a few years, we have developed a dialogue and cooperation in 20 areas, from peace security, human rights to economic, social and environmental issues". 00:00:27
00:00:37 Soundbite in Portuguese, José Manuel BARROSO, EC President: "I would like to underline that we adopted a new joined action plan for the next three years, to improve convergence between EU and Brazil in key areas where we already have structured dialogue and where we will develop this dialogue to other areas and the same areas; we also want to strengthen the political dialogue covering areas of joined and shared interests. The quality of this political dialogue is important to underline and it's important to underline the relationship between citizens, between people as we have seen in this signature". 00:00:38
00:01:15 Soundbite in English, Herman VAN ROMPUY: "The European Union will continue to act in a forceful way to address the current tensions in the sovereign debt market and to reinforce the foundation of the European Monetary Union on top of what we already decided". 00:00:19
00:01:34 Soundbite in Portuguese, Dilma ROUSSEFF, President of Brazil : "Brazil knows from its own experience that only by stimulating economic growth is it possible to generate the resources required to pay the debt and achieve balanced public accounts. Brazil and other emerging Countries have shown in the past few years that growth, job creation, boost income and productivity are fully compatible with fiscal responsibility and equilibrium". 00:00:29
00:02:03 Soundbite in Portuguese, José Manuel BARROSO: "The EU is the main trade partner for Brazil, the main investor in Brazil as well and I like to stress that Mercosur is the most direct investment from Europe than Russia, China and India put together. I'm saying that because even here in Europe, we don't always realize that, we don't realize how important the economic relationship between the EU and Mercosur already is". 00:00:30
00:02:33 Soundbite in Portuguese, Dilma ROUSSEFF: "Brazil, and here I'm quite certain that I also express the view of the developing economies, Brazil is ready to take on its responsibilities in a cooperative spirit; we stand as partners of the European Union and you can rely or count on us. This is a dialogue however to which all of South America should be parting, thus the Ministers of Finance will be meeting in the next few days to coordinate joined position with the view to the upcoming CAN Summit meeting". 00:00:36
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