EU-Chile Association Council: extracts from the press conference

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Grazyna Bernatowicz, Under-Secretary of State, Polish Foreign Affairs Minister and Alfredo Moreno, Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister held the press conference following the EU-Chile Association Council. The EU and Chile signed an ambitious Association Agreement on 18 November 2002. In the framework of the Association Agreement several Association Councils , Association Committees and EU-Chile Summits took place since 2003, as well as several political dialogue meetings. It is in force since 1 March 2005. The EU-Chile Association Agreement is an ambitious and innovative agreement that covers the main aspects of EU-Chile relations, i.e. political, trade and co-operation. The EU and Chile also signed in September 2002 an Agreement on scientific and technological co-operation, and on June 2005 the EU adopted a Horizontal Agreement with Chile in the field of Air transport.

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00:00:05 Arrival of Grazyna Bernatowicz, Under-Secretary of State, Polish Foreign Affairs Minister and Alfredo Moreno, Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister 00:00:09
00:00:14 General view of the speakers 00:00:06
00:00:20 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Grazyna Bernatowicz: I would like to note the agreement on the trade chapter and its exemplary functioning in the institutional frame. The trade relationship on investments is especially dynamic. The EU represents one of the main sources of foreign investment of Chile: 30 % of the total and the EU is a frequent destination of Chilean exports. 00:00:37
00:00:57 General view of the press room 00:00:04
00:01:01 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Grazyna Bernatowicz: on the occasion of the recent visit of EC Vice President Tajani, we discussed on SMEs, raw material, industrial innovation. We also discussed our intention to conclude this dialogue as soon as possible. We appreciated the participation of Chile in the constructive paper during the UN forum, which makes Chile a natural ally of the EU. 00:00:35
00:01:36 General view of the press room 00:00:03
00:01:39 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Alfredo Moreno: I would like to underline that the Summit organised in Santiago next year, between the EU members, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, which will give birth to a new organisation called CELAC, bringing together the states of Latin America and the Caribbean, which will be created in December in Caracas and which Chile will be presiding for its first year of existence. In this organisation, we see a great opportunity to ally Europe and our continent towards sustainable development based on a quality investment, an environmental quality, and the quality of our social responsibilities. 00:00:52
00:02:31 General view of the press room 00:00:03
00:02:34 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Alfredo Moreno: we have experienced an enormous increase in the possibilities of access to university for Chilean students. The problem is now for families to be able to finance that access. We have expressed our will to provide for scholarships and grants that would enable a 40% of our students to access university free of charge. The next 20% would be financed with grants and loans that would be income tested, the remainder would finance their access to universities through grants plus loans to be repaid when the students in question start having a professional paid activity with a fixed percentage of their income when they are a professional. 00:00:55
00:03:29 The speakers leaving 00:00:10
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