Economic Governance II - Infoclip 2

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End production: 09/11/2011   First transmission: 16/11/2011
Keywords Economic Governance Background MEPs steering new economic governance laws through Parliament presented their draft reports in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in January. They propose stricter budget rules and sanctions to prevent future debt crises in the Eurozone and enable sustainable growth. They also propose radical changes to current laws so as to enhance accountability and instill a sense of ownership, both of which they judge were sorely lacking in the first ten years of EU economic and monetary union. To this end, the rapporteurs propose a stronger role for the European Commission at all stages of the various governance processes and reduce the scope for political back-scratching, by making it more difficult for Member States to vote down a Commission decision and broker deals to sidestep the rules. They also say that more decisions should be made public and that various dialogues should be "institutionalised", e.g. by including "European Semester" for economic policy coordination in the legal texts, by having Member States come to the Parliament to explain their economic policy and budgetary positions, and by giving a greater say to national parliaments.

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00:00:05 Interior, Production of 10€ notes in Slovenia, Total shot, 10€ notes, printed and verified, 5 shots, euro coins 2 cents, 2 shots, packing of 50 € notes, 2 shots 00:00:33
00:00:38 Exterior, Irish flag, 1 shot, houses for sale, 1 shot, different unfinished construction projects, shop in the centre of Dublin that are free on the rent market, 2 shots, infrastructure projects in the City of Dublin, 2 shot, unfinished Anglo Saxon Bank Headquarter at the riverside of Dublin, Ireland , 2 shots 00:01:08
00:01:46 Exterior, entrance of the Bank of Ireland, 2 shots, Interior, visitor viewing the documentation on the action programme of the bank, 2 shots, Exterior of the Treasury Building where the National Treasury Management Agency has its office, 2 shots, Dublin, Ireland 00:00:32
00:02:18 Exterior shot, Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed, 2 shots , Dublin, Ireland, Interior, info service for people who are unemployed, 5 shots 00:00:38
00:02:56 Exterior, Greek capital Athens, Greece, 3 shots, in front of the National Parliament the change of guards, 2 shots, view on the pigeons with tourists in the background, 1 shot 00:00:25
00:03:21 Exterior shot of Porto, Portugal, 3 shots, people taking money at a cash machine, 2 shots, Interior, Interior in the National office of employment and professional training, Porto, Portugal, 6 shots 00:00:48
00:04:09 Exterior of the city Madrid, in the city and in the surroundings of Madrid, several objects on sale , 6 shots, liquidation of a business, 1 shot, unfinished construction projects in the suburbs of Madrid, Spain 4 shots 00:00:51
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