EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011: extracts from the opening session "EU energy strategy" with the participations of Günther Oettinger, Tamás Fellegi, Johannes Hahn and Mercedes Bresso

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On 12 April 2011, Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, kicked-off the opening ceremony with a speech dedicated to Europe’s energy future at the Charlemagne Building, Brussels, with the participations of Tamás Fellegi, Hungarian Minister for National Development, Joahnnes Hahn, Member of the EC in charge of Regional Policy, and Mercedes Bresso, President of the Committee of the Regions. Between 11 and 15 April 2011, more than 30 000 participants in 43 countries discussed energy efficiency and renewable energy during the 2011 edition of the EU Sustainable Week. The European Commission was organising the core event in Brussels in order to debate on the best use of energy efficiency and renewable energy across Europe, and show concrete examples how to increase both. It would announce the next steps to deploy smart grids throughout Europe and give consumers more possibilities to control their consumption and save more energy.

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00:00:05 General view of the conference 00:00:08
00:00:13 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, saying that over the next few years Europe will have to go further looking at active and passive energy efficiency. The European Union has to optimize technology and needs new techniques. 00:00:36
00:00:49 Cutaway of the conference 00:00:04
00:00:53 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Tamás Fellegi, Hungarian Minister for National Development: in connection with the recent tragic events in the Middle East and in Japan, sustainable energy has become a widely debated issue. The conflicts and unimaginable destruction we had to witness have opened our eyes to how insecure our energy supply is, and how defenceless we are in the face of events that are out of our control. Europe is the largest energy importer of the world, and as such, it is in our best interest to acknowledge the end of an area where economy was build on cheap energy. 00:00:37
00:01:30 Cutaway of the speakers 00:00:05
00:01:36 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Johannes Hahn, Member of the EC in charge of Regional Policy, saying that the European Commission would call on regional representatives to invest more and better in the green economy. The EU needs to mainstream sustainable issues in all investments. The Commission's Communication on the contribution of the regions to sustainable development was recently published in close collaboration with other Commissioners. 00:00:38
00:02:14 SOUNDBITE (in ITALIAN) by Mercedes Bresso, President of the Committee of the Regions, saying that the issues related to sustainable energy need to be regulated at a global level, meaning that Europe will have to develop an ambitious policy and will have to play a leadership role, developing consensus to all these issues. 00:00:23
00:02:38 Cutaway of the conference 00:00:05
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