Europe 2020 Summit – an Action Plan for a Post-Crisis World organised by the Lisbon Council: extracts from the keynote address by José Manuel Barroso

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End production: 15/03/2011   First transmission: 15/03/2011
On 15/03/2011 in Brussels, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, addressed a keynote speech at the Lisbon Council "Europe 2020 Summit", which launched an Action Plan for a Post-Crisis World. He reminded people that Europe 2020 was about creating a Europe that benchmarked itself on the best in the world, and underlined that the Pact for the Euro made a clear reference to Europe 2020, and elevated to the highest political level a set of concrete measures from the strategy in order to ensure their immediate implementation.

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00:00:05 General view of the conference room with José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC 00:00:03
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00:00:11 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by José Manuel Barroso: I realize that many people dismiss Europe 2020 as another Lisbon strategy, which failed to deliver on its promise to make Europe the most dynamic and competitive region in the world. Europe 2020 is in many ways different, because we have learned with some of shortcomings, keeping the important ambition. Now we have clear targets, we have the seven flagship initiatives, we have a strengthened government structure, including the European Semester, and above all, we have a new awareness that we can no longer duck difficult decisions. Now we have this understanding among Member States that in fact, we are not when there was a Lisbon strategy about the need to reinforce economic governance at European level. 00:00:46
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00:01:01 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by José Manuel Barroso: in fact tomorrow there will be a "débat d'orientation" in the college; today I just had a meeting now with Michel Barnier to prepare that and the service of general interests would be part of that proposal. We are coming with some quality framework for services of general interests for general public services, because I believe it is important to put them in a positive way in the internal market recognising their specificity. But making it something that can be an asset for the internal market, the single market and not something in contradiction. 00:00:35
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