Extracts from the press conference by Günther Oettinger on Financing Renewable Energy

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On 31/01/2011 in Brussels, Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, held a press conference to present the communication on the progress of renewable energy in the EU adopted by the European Commission. It showed that the 2020 renewable energy policy goals were likely to be met and exceeded if Member States fully implemented their national renewable energy action plans and if financing instruments were improved. It also stressed the need for further cooperation between Member States and a better integration of renewable energy into the single European market. Estimates indicated that such measures could lead to 10 billion euro savings each year.

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10:00:05 Arrival of Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, to the press conference room 00:00:06
10:00:11 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger, saying that all of the Member States have submitted their national action plans for renewable energy as stipulated in the directive. So the Member States have been doing their homework. These are comprehensive plans, there are ambitious plans which are adjusted to the possibilities of the different Member States. Some are using more wind energy, some are using more solar energy, some are using wave energy. According to the various geographical possibilities of the country concerned, that is the basis for establishing the focuses of the individual plan. 00:00:42
10:00:54 Cutaway of the press room 00:00:05
10:00:59 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger: this amount will have to be doubled over the next few years into 70 billion euro if they are to meet their target, and provide the low carbon energy which they need. Now the EU is able to provide some finance for this through their defunding for example structural cohesion funds, through loans from the European Investment Bank, and the European economic recovery program provided half a billion euro for wind energy. This helps in developing technology but also building demonstration plan for example. In the future European financial framework, they want to maintain these instruments and improve them. 00:00:53
10:01:52 Cutaway of a camera 00:00:05
10:01:58 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger, saying that they are all very worried about Egypt, with the pictures they saw, the number of dead and the strategy followed by the government is very difficult. These are things which are rather difficult. They have to consider the implications for energy and oil, make sure it is not jeopardised at level of ability to Europe. The situation at the moment is that it is not jeopardised, and could change if the situation spreads to other countries that obtain oil. 00:00:49
10:02:47 Cutaway of the press room 00:00:04
10:02:52 Departure of the speakers 00:00:05
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