Extracts from the press conference by Günther Oettinger on the Energy Strategy 2020

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On 10/11/2010 in Brussels, during the press conference, Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, presented the European Commission's new strategy for a competitive, sustainable and secure energy in Europe. The Communication "Energy 2020" defined the energy priorities for the next ten years and set the actions to be taken in order to tackle the challenges of saving energy, achieving a market with competitive prizes and secure supplies, boosting technological leadership, and effectively negotiate with the international partners of the European Union.

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10:00:11 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, saying that, looking ahead to 2020, Europe is looking at a requirement in investment terms of something up to 1 trillion euro. Europe cannot be allowed to loose its leadership in the area of energy technology. All this fits in with the objective whereby energy may well be the key challenge, when it comes to contribution to combat climate change, energy transport, and construction. They are all of relevance for climate change. And these are the challenges the European Union wishes to face up. 00:00:51
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10:01:07 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger on internal market, saying that when looking at electricity and gas, the internal market is legally binding and formally it has been transposed in the Member States. But looking at competition and variety, Europe is only at the beginning of the internal market in practical terms. That is why in its strategy, the European Commission wishes to do whatever it can over the five coming years, to ensure that the internal market can function just as well as it does in others areas, like textile, food or services. 00:00:51
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10:02:04 SOUNDBITE (GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger saying that compared to the last few years when it comes to investment in the electricity sector, Europe is going to have a threefold level of investment over the next 20 years which would be required, in order to maintain developed networks, if Europe wishes to be able to attain its objectives in the area of environment and energy. 00:00:32
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10:02:43 SOUNDBITE (in GERMAN) by Günther Oettinger, saying that they think that it is time to start a long term development for Europe and their gas market, to be able to directly import not only oil but also gas from this market space. Here they are talking about Nabucco but there are other pipelines projects such as ITGI (Italy–Turkey-Greece Interconnector), TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) or South Stream. What is important is how they can reach this "miracle spring" in order that they could build a direct connection to their European market in the next decade. 00:00:35
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