General Affairs Council: extracts from the press conference

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Today the general affairs Council met to prepare for the European Council of Thursday. There also was a discussion with Herman Van Rompuy about the state of play on the task force proceedings about economic recovery and the way the European Union has to organise itself to make this possible. The General Affairs Council is composed of the Ministers of Foreign and/or European Affairs of the Member States. The Council meets formally once a month. The General Affairs Council prepares for meetings of the European Council. It supervises the continuity and coherence of the Council’s other configurations and is also responsible for institutional issues and horizontal dossiers, such as the multiannual financial framework and enlargement.

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00:00:09 SOUNDBITE (English) Steven Vanackere, acting Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs: when we are talking about the resolution in New York, we pride ourselves of having had good convergence on the efforts of the national diplomacies and the European diplomacy headed by Catherine Ashton, but this being said, we also recognise that this resolution came about also with the efforts of President Tadic of Serbia and a lot of member States expressed clearly the wish to not let this effort go unanswered, to let it get unrewarded. It is clear that we will come back to this issue and as the president of the general affairs Council I have announced that the question of sending the avis for Serbia on accession talks for their comments. I will be putting on the agenda of the general affairs Council in October. 00:01:00
00:01:09 SOUNDBITE (English) Maroš Šefcovic, Vice President in charge of Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration: the agreement with the European Parliament that we will try to work together and we will create joint register. It will be more transparent with the cooperation but the institutions will be better and we will have the same procedure. I informed the ministers that we have now more than 3.000 companies registered in the Commission's register, the number of entries is steadily growing, We managed to find such an interim agreement with the European Parliament working that we will most probably rename this register so it would allow us to get on board NGO's, research companies, which had big problems to be renamed, lobbyists, representatives of churches, etc. 00:00:52
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