Ron KIRK, US Trade Representative, visits Karel DE GUCHT, European Commissioner for Trade: roundtable and extracts joint press briefing

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On 26/03/2010 in Brussels, Karel de Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade, met Ron Kirk, US Trade Representative, for the first time. The Commissioner highlighted his desire to continue the fruitful transatlantic cooperation on trade policy, and emphasised the strategic importance of strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The EU and the United States together accounted for more than half of global GDP, and were each other's most important trading partner.

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00:00:05 Arrival of Karel de Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade, and Ron Kirk, US Trade Representative, to the press room 00:00:06
00:00:11 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Karel de Gucht: Finally I just like to close by highlighting once again the importance for global trade of concluding the Doha development rounds. A successful and comprehensive DDA would add 145 billion euro, on annual basis to the whole GDP when fully implemented. We know, both of us know that we have difficulties with the DDA, but I sincerely believe we have a shared responsibility, both the EU and the US. 00:00:33
00:00:44 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Ron Kirk: I think the Commissioner and I each share a firm belief that working together collaboratively to be good stewards of this great relationship, and then work through some of the challenges that we have that are inevitable in a mature relationship, as one as between the US and the EU is now our responsibility. In some degree, we have the enviable test of inheriting one of the strongest relationships in the world, and find the way to make it more dynamic. But that's a test I think that we both are willing to undertake. 00:00:38
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00:01:29 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Karel de Gucht: I simply acknowledge that the deal as it is now, as it was on the table in 2008, is not acceptable to the US and I am not criticising that. I am just acknowledging this, because that is a political fact in the US, just as if Doha was not all heartily but acceptable to the EU in 2008, and there is no reason that all of a sudden this would have dramatically changed. But you can only get to an agreement provided, that all the parties agree on the same thing. So we'll have to continue discussing. 00:00:35
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