Informal Meeting of Equality Ministers, Valencia: arrivals, roundtable, group photo , press conference

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‘Equality between men and women as a basis for growth and employment’ is the central topic which the EU’s equality ministers will debate. The twenty-seven Member States will focus their discussions on the measures which should be adopted to enable men and women to find a balance between their personal, family and working lives; they will also examine the strategies which the UE must promote to achieve a new social and political pact which reevaluates the contribution that women make to sustainable economic growth and encourages their participation in the economic decision-making arena.

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00:00:05 Ministers arrivals (4 shots) 00:01:32
00:01:37 1st working session roundtable (3 shots) 00:00:34
00:02:11 Family photo (7 shots) 00:01:32
00:03:43 ministers enter the presser (2 shots) 00:00:13
00:03:56 SOUNDBITE (spanish) Spanish Bibiana Aído, Spanish Minister of Equality: "And the statement as I said broaches gender equality from various perspectives, such as that of employment? what we are proposing to the member states is that to reach this 75% rate of total employment? it is necessary to increase the female rate of employment which still in the EU is just 63%. This means there are three points difference between the female rate of employment and the male rate of employment." 00:00:34
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00:04:33 SOUNBITE Joëlle Miquet, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Employment and Equal Opportunities: "It is about an important political emergency. If this mobilisation takes place among us it is not gratuitous, it's not just a matter of a woman who suddenly decides to defend a few collective interests. Firstly there is in the case of the strategy such as has been so far presented regarding the goals and general conclusions, we have not seen much in the way of desire for male-female equality. This is an important lack and we have only a few months left before the June council to try and rectify things. And from then on what we are going to try to demand together ? 00:00:46
00:05:19 SOUNDBITE Edit Rauh, Hungarian Secretary of State responsible for Equal Opportunities (through interpreter): "But I think for this we need to have in a more articulate way to have the gender dimension appear in the 2020 strategy? I think the key priority during the Hungarian presidency will be reconciliation of family life and working life, and also reconciling this with an expansion of employment? 00:00:54
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