Consultation in New York with the Global NGO Community on Building Back Better in Haiti

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- statement Kristalina GEORGIEVA, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response - statement Bill CLINTON, former U.S President

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00:00:05 -WS EXT Tilt Down NYU To NY Street - MS NYU Sign - MS Kristalina GEORGIEVA, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis ResponseGreets NGO Group Attendees - MS Zoom Out Meeting Sign - WS NYU Meeting Room - Soundbite (English) Kristalina GEORGIEVA: "We in Europe are determined to do our best to be part of the Union which will make a difference in the lives of kids, women, men who have survived the earthquake in Haiti but who also have survived decades of man made disasters in the country." - MS Attendees - Attendees Listening - Soundbite (English) Kristalina GEORGIEVA: "Building the whole of the country and buildin it better than it was, is the very best memorial for the 220,000 people who lost their lives on January 12th, and we from our side are commited to build it. Thank you" - WS NYC Street - Kristalina GEORGIEVA Walks to Interview - Soundbite (English) Kristalina GEORGIEVA: "We have a great opportunity to meet with NGO's from North America, from Haiti, from Europe and together with Bill Clinton an interaction to organize a forum to hear their voices. We are only a week away from the Conference on Haiti - very important that we set the course right and it is critical to hear the voices of people who will benefit from the assistance that they will get." - Cutaway of Meeting Room - NGO's. - Soundbite (English) Kristalina GEORGIEVA: "The European Union is the largest provider of development assistance worldwide. We bring most resources to bear - 60% of the development assistance, and what we want to be is not only #1 in volume of assistance but also #1 in terms of results." - UN Special Envoy for Haiti - Former President Bill Clinton Arrives and Walks to Podium - WS - Soundbite (English) Bill CLINTON, former U.S President: "We need to join the government of Haiti in greater transparencey, greater responsiveness to the plan, recognizing that we want to be partners. God only knows how many people wouldn't be alive today had it not been for the efforts of NGO's over decades." - WS Meeting Room - 2 Shot w/ Kristalina GEORGIEVA - Tight Shot NYU Flag - Pull Out Empire State Building to Washington Square Park. 00:03:45
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