European Mobility Week Award 2009 Ceremony with the participation of Janez Potočnik

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End production: 23/03/2010   First transmission: 23/03/2010
On 23 March 2010, Janez Potočnik, Member designate of the EC in charge of Environment, took part at the European Mobility Week Award 2009 Ceremony, in Brussels. The Award winner, was the city of Gävle, Sweden, and was announced by Janez Potočnik. The focal theme was ‘Improving City Climates’ which offered local authorities the opportunity to highlight their efforts to tackle climate change at local level and improve quality of life through the promotion of alternative transport modes to the car such as cycling, walking, and public transport, as well as clever car use schemes such car-sharing and car-pooling.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Exterior view of the Royal museum of Art and History, in Brussels 00:00:09
10:00:14 Arrival of Janez Potočnik, Member of the EC in charge of Environment (2 shots) 00:00:13
10:00:27 Cutaway of the participants 00:00:03
10:00:30 Soundbite by Janez Potočnik (in ENGLISH): our action plan on urban mobility adopted in 2009 is one way in which we are trying to get the message across about why mobility matters; because the pressures on the environment forces us to accept that we cannot take mobility for granted and that we must also look for new ways in which we can be mobile; in doing so actually helps our planet and us. 00:00:29
10:00:59 Cutaway of participants 00:00:05
10:01:04 Soundbite by Janez Potočnik (in ENGLISH): the winner of this year's award is the city of Gävle 00:00:26
10:01:30 Cutaway of a cameraman 00:00:04
10:01:34 Handing over of the trophy to the representant of Gävle, in Sweden 00:00:16
10:01:50 Family picture with the representants of Gävle, the winner, the two other finalists from Ivani? Grad, Croatia, and from León, Spain, and Janez Potočnik 00:00:06
10:01:56 Departure of Janez Potočnik 00:00:10
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