EU-Croatia Stabilisation and Association Council: extracts from the EU Presidency / EC / Croatia press conference

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The EU-Croatia Stabilisation and Association Council was held in the margins of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on the 23rd of March of 2010. It was the sixth meeting between the Croatian delegation, headed by Gordan Jandroković, Foreign Affairs and European Integration Minister and the EU delegation, led by Ángel Lossada Torres-Quevedo, Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and President in office of the Council. The Spanish Presidency to the European Union wished to open all the remaining chapters in the accession negotiation of Croatia to the European Union within the end of June, while the Croatian government wanted to conclude the negotiations successfully within the end of the year 2010.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (in SPANISH) by Ángel Lossada Torres-Quevedo, Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, saying that the aim of the Presidency is to open the chapters that are still outstanding. We have to open all of them; of course some are more difficult than others, and I referred to this in my opening remarks, but our objective is to open all of the chapters during our Presidency and close as many as we can as well. Some may still remain. There are five still that have to be opened; the five that are remaining are of course the most complicated ones and we'll see which other we're taking them in, but I certainly feel optimistic that we will be able to open all of them: that at least is our wish. 00:00:50
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00:01:06 SOUNDBITE (in CROATIAN) by Gordan Jandroković, Croatian Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration saying that he thinks the meeting was a good opportunity to take stock of what has been achieved so far and also it was very important in terms of seeing how they can best move forward towards their goal that is to say a fully fledged accession to the European Union. The upcoming months are going to be particularly important for a successful completion of this negotiation and Croatia is convinced that by implementing domestic reforms and making all the other efforts they will be able to complete the negotiations this year. 00:00:39
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00:01:51 SOUNDBITE (un ENGLISH) by Stefan Füle, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy: Croatia came a long way since it started negotiations in 2005 and it's now in the finishing line towards the conclusion of its accession negotiations. But as any long distance runner knows, the last 100 meters, the last leap is the most difficult one. 00:00:20
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