Statements of the EC and the Council on the preparation of the European Council of the 10-11 December 2009: plenary session of the EP

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On 25 November 2009, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, took part in a plenary session of the EP on the preparation of the European Council of the 10-11 December 2009. The Members of the EP debated the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, economic developments, civil rights measures and the Copenhagen climate conference.

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10:33:09 Soundbite by Cecilia Malmström, Swedish Minister for European Affairs and President in office of the Council, (in SWEDISH) saying that the focus will primarily be on economic and financial issues; the impact of the crisis will continue to be felt for a long time to come particularly on the labour market. We have looked at guidelines, the way we should go ahead when it comes to stopping the support measures; we need a timetable; we need to improve financial supervision because we saw we needed more instruments when the financial crisis happened. We also need to realise that the so called Lisbon Strategy will expire next year so we need to have a new strategy which can help to promote long term prosperity and in fact this will be one of the top priorities for the Spanish Presidency. The Stockholm programme focuses on tangible measures which will bring added value in people's daily lives; in fact we want a safer and more open Europe, a pre condition of that is working in partnership with our partner countries and we have to build a balance between creating a safer Europe on the one hand and measures which are intended to protect the rights of the individual on the other hand (4 shots) 00:01:41
10:34:50 Soundbite by José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, (in ENGLISH): an ambitious and meaningful agreement in Copenhagen; that enshrines the 2 degree Celsius objective; this is essential; sometimes we see politicians, diplomats, negotiating; they can do so but we can not negotiate with science, we can not negotiate against the science of nature, we can not negotiate against the scientific advice and this is the minimum Even if at Copenhagen it will not be unfortunately possible to finalise a new treaty, it must bring an operational agreement based on real commitment on all sides to which all the major players contribute and which is endorsed at the highest political level; we need a clear , simple text that shows we are moving from talking to doing something about tackling climate change People want to live in an EU that is prosperous and peaceful, where the rights are respected, and their security protected, they want to be able to travel freely and to move temporarily or permanently to another European country, in order to study, to work, to set up a business, to have a family or to retire. More respect for fundamental rights, better access to the courts, more determine action against organised crime, human trafficking and terrorism, effective management of migration, these are all areas where the Stockholm programme should set out a series a steps forward, They also require a strong approach with our third country partners which I bam determined to pursue as we are working to maximise our global influence (4 shots) 00:01:45
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