Extracts from the common debate on the 5 billion package, plenary session of the EP

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End production: 06/05/2009
The EU economic recovery plan will invest 3.98 billion euro in gas and electricity infrastructure, offshore wind parks and carbon capture and storage projects, according to a compromise reached between Members of the EP and the Czech Presidency, which will be put to a plenary vote. Unspent funds could be used for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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10:49:34 Soundbite by Petya Stavreva, Member of the EP, (in BULGARIAN): I think that the funds will be adequately used; these funds granted will help the regions to introduce broad band internet access and I think that this investment in infrastructure, the restructuring of the dairy sector, all of these new measures will be key to resolving difficulties in these regions and ensuring that people are able to find alternative sources of activity. That would make it possible for us to help people who want to carry out projects but can't get hold of the necessary resources; Members States will need to adhere to the deadlines and in their activity programmes they will have to introduce new projects to ensure that they can use these resources. (2 shots) 00:00:33
10:50:07 Soundbite by Eugenijus Maldeikis, Member of the EP, (in LITHUANIAN): I think that this package, the three parts of it, would strengthen the European energy sector; moreover, it would have a good impact on other sectors of the economy and would help the recovery of Europe in these years; 5 billion euro is a significant amount which would help us to deal with extremely urgent issue of energy security in Europe. 00:00:37
10:50:44 Soundbite by Reimer Böge, Member of the EP, (in GERMAN): this is made the procedure more difficult because after we agreed, we get new proposals, we did not think that was apt and also an agreement with the Council on the food aid facility and the cyclical package altogether at the end made it difficult to get an to an agreement for 2009. We need more flexibility, more room for manoeuvre within the yearly procedure and I think that the EC should bear in mind in the lessons learned in the last two or three years and come up with proposals. (2 shots) 00:00:46
10:51:30 Soundbite by Andris Piebalgs, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, (in ENGLISH): the Commission can accept the solution as now agreed by the 3 institutions; so its approach differs from our initial proposal of December 2008; we are confident that the projects will be implemented as scheduled; I would also like to confirm that the EC has taken note of the EP expectations with regards to the budget review and the assessment of the functioning of inter institutional agreement. I know that some of you would have preferred to see more measures on renewables and energy efficiency projects in the package, but I believe that the compromise on this subject is a good one; the EC provides reassurance in a comprehensive declaration that it will reconsider the situation in 2010 referring to the option of suggesting using uncommitted funds for measures on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. (4 shots) 00:01:01
10:52:31 Soundbite by Mariann Fischer Boel, Member of the EC in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development, (in ENGLISH): the final compromise left a bit less money for rural development than we had initially wanted; 1,5 billion euro and we ended up with 1,02 billion euro and the scope for investment in broad band in rural areas has been extended; and Member States will now have the full flexibility in the choice between the broad band and the new challenges, and it is a good idea. 00:00:30
10:53:01 Soundbite by Mario Mauro, Vice-President of the EP, (in ITALIAN): given the current deficit which has been shown under the inter institutional agreement we should look more thoroughly at making agreement more flexible, more capable of responding to further financial requirements. 00:00:18
10:53:19 Soundbite by Vicente Miguel Garcés Ramón, Member of the EP, (in SPANISH): the budget Committee unanimously considers that the sum proposed in this draft is compatible with maximum available under heading 2 in the current financial framework for 2007 to 2013. 00:00:16
10:53:35 Soundbite by Domenico Antonio Basile, Member of the EP, (in ITALIAN): the main aspect which the Committee wanted to put forward was the need to increase transparency and information, information flows over 2008-2011 and ensure proper instruments to coordinate the funds and the regional funds instruments so that we have wide band Internet access. 00:00:22
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