Conclusions of the G20 Summit: statements by the Council and the Commission, plenary session of the EP

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End production: 23/04/2009
The Members of the EP debated the conclusions of the G20 Summit after hearing the Council and Commission statements, on 23 April 2009.

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10:11:11 Soundbite by Petr Nečas, Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Labour and Social Affairs and President in office of the Council, (in CZECH): from the view point of the EU, the London summit has clearly been a success; the summit has agreed on all priorities spelled out in the conclusion of the European Council meeting of 19-20 March 2009; the London summit rejected protectionism, made a commitment towards a responsible and sustainable economic policy, promoted multilateralism, and agreed on all priorities in the financial sector regulation that the EU countries collectively considered critical; as I said before, EU Members have been among key leaders advancing the agenda in many points. 00:00:48
10:11:59 Soundbite by Olli Rehn, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement, (in ENGLISH): it is essential that the decisions taken by G20 will be delivered rapidly; we should also keep in mind to build a more balanced world economy to avoid passed mistakes; a fundamental adjustment of the global cross model - I'm referring to the huge US budget deficit and the big Chinese trade surplus - may be needed in order for the global economy to return to a sustainable growth path. 00:00:33
10:12:32 Soundbite by Joseph Daul, Member of the EP, (in FRENCH): if we could along with the United States, our main trade partner, create a real transatlantic economy without obstacles, we would create 3,5 additional growth points; that is what we need to work on. 00:00:13
10:12:45 Soundbite by Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Member of the EP, (in ENGLISH): what must Europe deliver? I have the latest prognosis from the IMF and it is telling us that unfortunately the economic development in Europe in the Euro area will go down in 2009 by minus 4,2% in growth and in Germany alone the growth rate will be minus 5,6%; we have transformed that in our macroeconomic calculations and I can tell you, colleagues, that it means that in Spring 2010 we will have 27 million unemployed in the EU; please Commission, don't tell me one more time that you have made a financial stimulus of 4% including automatic stabilisers; next time it will be 5% when the unemployment has increased to 27 million unemployed; let's be fair, let's create jobs and we can do it together. (6 shots) 00:01:07
10:13:52 Soundbite by Margarita Starkevičiūtė, Member of the EP, (in LITHUANIAN): we must modernise the financial markets in the world; the governments, we must use our single market as a strong point, not to isolate ourselves; if we manage to work together in the EU, it will set up a good example to the world to avoid protectionism. 00:00:27
10:14:19 Soundbite by Caroline Lucas, Member of the EP, (in ENGLISH): this meeting should have been the moment for a massive investment in renewable energy, in energy efficiency for example; not just because we have to urgently address the challenge of climate change, but because investment in green technologies is one of the best way of getting people back to work; green energy is far more jobs rich then investment in business as usual; and yet the package agreed by the G20 will actually lock the world into a high carbon economy at exactly the time that we should be shifting to a very different low carbon sustainable economy. 00:00:47
10:15:06 Soundbite by Francis Wurtz, Member of the EP, (in FRENCH): the G20 has not done anything to stop the speculative globalisation, has promised everything to the IMF without looking at ways to transform it and it has let go an important opportunity offered by this crisis; it has tried out a homeopathic remedy when you need is harsh medicine. (3 shots) 00:00:42
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