Trilogue agreement on Internal Energy Market Package (EC Midday): extracts from the EC midday press briefing

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Ferran Tarradellas Espuny, Spokesperson of Andris Piebalgs, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, announced the Trilogue agreement on Internal Energy Market Package to the journalists during the EC daily midday press briefing.

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00:00:04 Arrival of Ferran Tarradellas Espuny, Spokesperson of Andris Piebalgs, Member of the EC in charge of Energy 00:00:04
00:00:08 SOUNDBITE (English) by Ferran Tarradellas Espuny, Spokesperson of Andris Piebalgs, Member of the EC in charge of Energy: The European Commission welcomes the political agreement reached in the Trilogue meeting that took place in Strasbourg between the Council, the Parliament and the European Commission, in the presence of Commissioner Piebalgs; this agreement will pave the way for adoption in second reading of the third energy internal market legislative package; the European Commission considers that the agreement reached yesterday night achieves a good balance between the positions of the Council and the Parliament; the Commission would like to congratulate the Czech presidency for its leadership, and the rapporteurs of the Parliament for their constructive approach, and their strong added value in the process. 00:00:45
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00:00:57 SOUNDBITE (English) by Ferran Tarradellas Espuny: The European Union needs a clear regulatory framework enabling a properly functioning of internal gas and electricity market to be put in place; this is essential to ensure that the EU can rise to the challenges of climate change, increased import dependency, security of supply and global competitiveness; with the support of the European Commission, the Parliament calls for a stronger consumer protection and fight against energy poverty, it is now enshrined in the legislative text. 00:00:34
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00:01:35 SOUNDBITE (English) by Ferran Tarradellas Espuny: Concerning the third country clause, the modifications have been extremely small, but it has been reinforced by the proposal of the Parliament; concerning the independence of the regulators, the difference between the third package and the second package of the opening of the internal market for energy, it is that the details of the rules and obligations of regulators and the powers of these regulations have to have, have been detailed in the directive, while the second package just established that the existence of the regulators has to be ensured by the Member States; we have come much more in the details of what the regulators have to do, which power they should have and what are the resources that they have to have available to fulfil their tasks. 00:00:44
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