Trip of the winners of the European Development Youth Prize 2007 to Zambia

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End production: 05/03/2009   First transmission: 05/03/2009
The focus for the Development Youth Prize 2007 competition was "Africa - Sustainable Development". Young people aged 16-18 from around Europe were invited to participate by submitting a design or piece of artwork which for them best highlighted the impact of environmental change on developing countries. The overall prize was a trip to Africa arranged for the winners and their teachers. As the EU is one of the key actors in supporting development cooperation with countries across the world, the main aim for winners travelling to Africa was to see EU development assistance in action. The country chosen was for the 2007 prize was Zambia. The European students travelled to Zambia with Louis Michel, Member of the EC in charge of Development and Humanitarian Aid, in March 2009. They had the opportunity to meet with Rupiah Banda, President of Zambia.

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10:45:18 Title 00:00:04
10:45:23 Streets of Lusaka, Zambia (5 shots) 00:00:26
10:45:49 Arrival by bus of the European students, winners of the 2007's youth and development prize (2 shots) 00:00:13
10:46:02 Exterior view of the Presidential residence 00:00:07
10:46:09 European students meeting with Rupiah Banda, President of Zambia (2 shots) 00:00:09
10:46:18 Soundbite by Derek Fee, Head of the European Commission Delegation in Zambia, (in ENGLISH): there is a competition every year for young people in Europe between 16 and 18 years old, who have to make a design about development and Europe; these 27 students have won that competition; as part of their prize, they have a trip to a country in Africa; this year, Zambia was selected as the country for the trip. 00:00:25
10:46:43 Soundbite by Rupiah Banda (in ENGLISH): I'm happy that the EU chose Zambia for this expedition which will give the youth a real life appreciation of sustainable tourism vis-à-vis climate change; Zambia was chosen because it provides an ideal environment to help young people appreciate the interplay between climate change and sustainable development in a developing country. 00:00:37
10:47:20 Views of the meeting between the European students and Rupiah Banda (7 shots) 00:00:52
10:48:12 European students giving a present to Rupiah Banda: The Europe Book 00:00:12
10:48:24 Group photo 00:00:06
10:48:30 Soundbite by Marta Pukite, Latvian student, (in ENGLISH): it was really a great opportunity to meet such a high level person of Zambia, as I am very interested in these development problems in developing countries in Africa; it was a great opportunity to ask him questions. 00:00:18
10:48:48 Soundbite by Lara Likar, Slovenian student, (in ENGLISH): he was just like the other Africans here: a very open person; he talked about everything we asked. 00:00:14
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