Conference "Creativity and Innovation - Best practices from EU Programmes": extracts from the speech by Ján Figel' and launch of the electronic platform EVE

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End production: 02/03/2009   First transmission: 02/03/2009
Ján Figel, Member of the EC in charge of Education, Training, Culture and Youth, addressed the two-day conference on "Creativity and Innovation - Best practices from EU Programmes" during which the European Commission and partners in EU-funded projects demonstrated how the EU supports creativity and innovation by financing cross-border projects. The conference offered an opportunity to policy-makers, project promoters and representatives of civil society to discuss how partners from different European countries can make an EU-funded project a success and how both their experience and concrete project outcomes can be shared for others to profit. At the occasion of the conference, the Commissioner also launched a new online platform, EVE, for easy access to the results and details of a wide range of EU-funded projects in the fields of education, culture, youth and citizenship.

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10:06:41 Title 00:00:04
10:06:46 Exterior view of the Charlemagne building 00:00:07
10:06:53 Exhibition of EU-funded projects (6 shots) 00:00:59
10:07:52 General views of the conference (3 shots) 00:00:23
10:08:15 SOUNDBITE (English) by Ján Figel', Member of the EC in charge of Education, Training, Culture and Youth: Europe could and should be more creative and more innovative; we had very glorious periods in the past; we looked to the richness of history and cultures, but also to the tragedies in History; it depends on how we treat human talents and human dignity. All people are talented; some are more, some have special talents - they are gifted-, but everybody has got some talent; this understanding but also awareness should nurture the quest for creativity vis-à-vis everybody, individuals and even marginalised. 00:00:52
10:09:07 Cutaway 00:00:05
10:09:12 SOUNDBITE (English) by Ján Figel: There is a new tool for sharing new ideas; it is not about money, it is more than that; Einstein said that imagination is more than knowledge; we need information and knowledge, but we need also imagination; this space will be called l'Espace Virtuel d'Echange (EVE) and will be launched at the end of the remarks; this will be a very intense platform for intense exchanges, meetings, communication and cooperation. 00:00:46
10:09:58 Ján Figel launching EVE 00:00:13
10:10:11 Presentation of the platform EVE (on internet) 00:00:20
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