EU/Lebanon Association Council: extracts from the joint press conference by Faouzi Salloukh and Karel Schwarzenberg

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End production: 23/02/2009   First transmission: 23/02/2009
Fawzi Salloukh, Lebanon Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Karel Schwarzenberg met during the EU-Lebanon Association Council on 23/02/2009 in Brussels, held on the sidelines of the General Affairs and External Relations Council of the European Union on 23 February 2009. They gave a joint press conference after the meeting. Fawzi Salloukh pointed out that the support of the EU remains crucial with Lebanon. And he condemned the attacks of Israel in the Southern borders of Lebanon as well as the attacks to Gaza. Karel Schwarzenberg reiterated the EU support to Lebanon, that is a key partner of the EU in the Mediterranean.

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10:06:51 Arrival to the press room 00:00:09
10:07:00 Fawzi Salloukh, Lebanon Minister for Foreign Affairs saying (in ENGLISH) that they agreed on the need to give an additional boost to their cooperation allowing for Lebanon to make full use of the opportunities offered by the EU neighbourhood policy. He reiterated their commitment to adopt the necessary measures allowing for the implementation of their reformed agenda highlighting the efforts deployed by Lebanon to that end, despite the difficulties that they have been encountering. In this context he pointed out that the support of the EU remains crucial and should be commensurate with this doubting task. He believes his European colleagues on the preparation for the next Parliamentary elections in Lebanon due to be held next June 2009. 00:00:53
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10:07:59 Fawzi Salloukh saying (in ENGLISH) that he expressed their condemnation of the constant Israeli violations of the resolution 17/01. These violations are unjustifiable and constitute an element conducting to tension. Meanwhile he refers the close cooperation between the Lebanese army and UNICEF in order to sustain stability and security in South Lebanon. Regarding the situation in the Middle East and allowing the Israeli agression against Gaza, he reiterates their condemnation of Israeli actions and policies which have been destroying all peace efforts. Israel must be compelled to respect the cease fire in Gaza in line with the UN Security Council resolution 18/60, lift the cease imposed in Gaza, open all border crossing and stop its settlement activity. 00:00:56
10:08:55 Cutaway 00:00:06
10:09:01 Karel Schwarzenberg, Czech Minister for Foreign Affairs and President in office of the Council of the EU, saying (in ELGLISH) that Lebanon is a key regional partner of the EU in the Mediterranean. They share common values, interests and constance. They are committed to achieving the same goal creating peace stability and prosperity in the Middle East. 00:00:18
10:09:19 Cutaway 00:00:07
10:09:26 Karel Schwarzenberg saying (in ENGLISH) that they comment Lebanon for its considerable efforts to progress with economic reforms, despite the difficult political environment. They reiterate EU support to the reformed agenda of the government, and the call of opportunities of a better association agreement at the European Neighbourhood policy, for contributing to the implementation of the reforms. 00:00:31
10:09:57 Departure 00:00:07
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