Competitiveness Council (Internal Market): arrivals and round table

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End production: 01/12/2008   First transmission: 01/12/2008
The European Ministers in charge of Competitiveness met on 1 December 2008 in Brussels to discuss the European Commission's "Recovery Plan for growth and jobs" to find a Europe-wide response to the current economic crisis. The Ministers were also expected to exchange views on the legal framework and policies related to games of chance and betting in the Member States, as well as to adopt conclusions on the "Small Business Act" for Europe and on a specific action plan in favour of European SMEs initiated by the French Presidency. In a context of the slowdown of European economies, this action plan brings immediate and targeted solutions for SMEs, particularly by facilitating access to funding, simplifying their administrative burden and enabling them to benefit fully from the opportunities offered by the internal market. An examination of the implementation of the European Private Company status and the shortening of payment deadlines is also planned. This last Competitiveness meeting of the year also provided an opportunity to review the progress made over this half-year on a number of strategic dossiers, such as the Community patent, the length of copyright protection and the revision of cosmetics and toys directives.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Exterior view of the Council building 00:00:06
10:00:11 Arrival of Jeannot Krecké, Luxembourgish Minister for Economy and Foreign Trade 00:00:13
10:00:24 Cutaway of cameraman 00:00:06
10:00:30 Arrival of Hervé Novelli, French Minister of State for Business, Trade, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Tourism and Services, and President in office of the Council 00:00:11
10:00:41 Hervé Novelli (in FRENCH) on the European Private Company status; saying that there is an agreement of principle on the European Private Company; this is the most important thing; no country has said that it would oppose it; nevertheless, they need to find a balance between this EPC and national rules of law, of judicial security or national traditions; he is thinking about Germany and its principles of co-management; no country has expressed against this EPC; thus they are well engaged on that issue but they lacked several months to be able to conclude it before the end of the year 00:00:40
10:01:21 Hervé Novelli entering the Council building 00:00:08
10:01:29 Arrival of the Cypriot delegation 00:00:11
10:01:40 Round table: cutaway of photographers 00:00:07
10:01:47 General view 00:00:07
10:01:54 Hervé Novelli 00:00:11
10:02:05 Jeannot Krecké and Charlie McCreevy, Member of the EC in charge of Internal Market and Services 00:00:07
10:02:12 General view 00:00:11
10:02:23 Cypriot delegation 00:00:06
10:02:29 Hervé Novelli 00:00:07
10:02:36 Tarja Cronberg, Finnish Minister for Labour 00:00:06
10:02:42 Charlie McCreevy and Mary Coughlan, Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment 00:00:07
10:02:49 General view 00:00:06
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