Education, Youth and Culture Council: extracts from the joint press conference (culture) by Christine Albanel, Leonard Orban and Viviane Reding

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End production: 20/11/2008   First transmission: 20/11/2008
Christine Albanel, French Minister for Culture and Communication and President in office of the Council of the EU, chaired the Council of the EU Ministers for Culture and Audiovisual, who adopted several important texts negotiated by the French Presidency in the recent months. The Ministers adopted the proposed European heritage label, whose aim is to reinforce Europeans' sense of sharing a common European heritage. The Ministers then emphasised the cultural dimension of multilingualism. They expressed the desire to coordinate and reinforce their actions to promote translation, the subtitling of live performances and the subtitling of audiovisual works and films. The Ministers also adopted the conclusions on the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cultural and linguistic diversity in the external relations of the European Union, with a view to reinforcing the role of culture in relations with non-EU countries and the international dissemination of European cultural and audiovisual goods and services. The EU Ministers adopted conclusions on the contribution of architecture to sustainable development, in developing an approach going beyond technical standards in terms of overall, economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives. The session on audiovisual matters saw the ministers reach an agreement on supporting and ensuring the durability and development of the proposed European digital library. This library, launched today at the end of the Council, will make over two million documents (books, archives, collections from European museums) accessible to all. Lastly, the ministers unanimously approved draft conclusions on developing the range of cultural and creative content legally available online and preventing and combating piracy in the digital environment. The 27 Member States also recalled that the right balance must be struck between the protection of personal data, the freedom of expression, and the protection of intellectual property.

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10:23:05 Exterior view of the Belgian Royal Library at the Palais de Charles de Lorraine 00:00:06
10:23:11 SOUNDBITE (French) by Christine Albanel, French Minister for Culture and Communication and President in office of the Council of the EU: We have adopted conclusions on the label of European patrimony; until then it was an intergovernmental initiative but we have asked to the Commission to move forward juridically, so that it can become a community reality; there are already 56 sites that are concerned by this beautiful adventure in 20 countries and the idea is to create from this a European patrimony which does not take the place of the "worldwide historic patrimony" of UNESCO, and which could be built in a light structure but giving the feeling to European people of sharing a common patrimony, which can go from the factories in Gdansk until Cluny city, for example. 00:00:49
10:24:00 SOUNDBITE (French) by Leonard Orban, Member of the EC in charge of Multilingualism: Member States are more and more aware of the multilingualism policy in several fields, such as the intercultural dialogue, social and professional insertion, but also the concurrence of our enterprises, external relations, etc. 00:00:19
10:24:19 SOUNDBITE (English) by Viviane Reding, Member of the EC in charge of Information Society and Media: The 2 million objects which are available for the general public are mainly objects which are copyright-free, they belong to our heritage; in the future, we have to see that there is not a black hole on Europeana for the 20th century and that is why we have to engage discussions with the rights holders; we have already started these discussions in the high level group of the digital libraries, and we have already arrived to some conclusions for the out of print works; we have in the next coming months to see how we are going to do preserving the rights of the authors, having also public-private partnership and bringing the 20th century onto Europeana. 00:00:52
10:25:11 Exit of the press room and toast for Europeana 00:00:05
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