EU/ECCAS (Economic Community of Central African States) Troika : extracts from the joint press conference by Raymond Tshibanda N'Tungamulongo and Alain Joyandet

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End production: 10/11/2008   First transmission: 10/11/2008
The European Union and the Economic Community of Central African States expressed their worries regarding the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They condemned the Laurent Nkunda offensive and asked for a political solution. Alain Joyandet, French Minister of State for Cooperation and Francophonie and President in office of the Council, said that the EU doesn't want to send more European troops. He also said that the EU is ready to increase the humanitarian aid.

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10:13:13 General view of the press conference room 00:00:08
10:13:21 SOUNDBITE (French) by Raymond Tshibanda N'Tungamulongo, Congolese Minister for Regional and International Cooperation, representing the Presidency of the ECCAS: We know that the European Union has representatives in the Security Council of the UN and those can help the Monuc make decisions regarding the resolution; we think that the EU can make an important contribution regarding the implementation of a surveillance mechanism because it has the technology and the resources. 00:00:27
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10:13:54 SOUNDBITE (French) by Raymond Tshibanda N'Tungamulongo: We have a situation that requires the reinforcement of capacities on the ground in order to face insecurity; we have asked for a support from the international community and we hope that they will give their contribution, according to their possibilities. 00:00:26
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10:14:26 SOUNDBITE (French) by Alain Joyandet, French Minister of State for Cooperation and Francophonie and President in office of the Council: What Europe would like to do is to increase its humanitarian intervention and increase the humanitarian resorts; we assessed what we have in terms of access and corridors, and soon we will be able to examine the needs; the Council and the European Commission are ready to increase the aid, which is now of 50 million euros a year. 00:00:42
10:15:08 Cutaway 00:00:05
10:15:13 SOUNDBITE (French) by Alain Joyandet: For now, sending more European troops is out of question; we first want the Congolese army and the Monuc to be reinforced, which will help face the situation; the decision not to send troops is for now but nothing can be excluded for always. 00:00:47
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