7th EU/China Energy Conference: extracts from the opening session

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End production: 06/11/2008   First transmission: 06/11/2008
The EU/China Energy Conference gathers together high-level European and Chinese representatives from industry and the administration every two years, alternating between China and Brussels. It is co-organized by the Chinese Ministry of Sciences and Technology and the Directorate General Transport and Energy of the European Commission (DG TREN). In 2008, it took place in Brussels on 6 and 7 November. The six main themes of this two-days conference were renewable energy for power generation (solar and wind); increasing role of biofuels; promoting hydrogen energy and fuel cells; coal and gas hydrates; carbon Capture and Storage; and nuclear energy.

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11:19:17 Exterior view of the European Commission Charlemagne building 00:00:06
11:19:23 EU/China Energy Conference poster 00:00:07
11:19:30 General view 00:00:07
11:19:37 Cao Jianlin, Chinese Vice-Minister for Science and Technology, (in CHINESE) saying that coordinating environment and energy is important; the Chinese need to develop both clean and efficient requirements and minimise the impact on environment; they want to achieve balance between energy utilisation and environmental protection 00:00:24
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11:20:06 Matthias Ruete, Director-General of DG "Energy and Transport" of the EC, (in ENGLISH) saying that all the energy challenges cannot be addressed only through unilateral actions and this is why they attach such a great importance to international cooperation, and in particular in the energy field with China; they have mechanisms in place to foster the EU/China energy cooperation; and they can proudly say that over the last two year they have seen a significant development in terms of the EU's energy relations with China 00:00:45
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11:20:57 Hideshi Emoto, Senior Energy Analyst at the International Energy Agency, (in ENGLISH) saying that our global CO2 emissions would arise by more than 50% to reach 42 giga tones in 2030; the current policies including those intended to address climate change, air pollution and energy security have helped to slow the rate of growth in CO2 emissions but have not stopped it; China and India together count for more than 50% of the increase in the emission growth for the next 25 years; and the world top five countries, the United States, China, Russia, Japan and India contribute to 2/3 of the total increase 00:00:47
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11:21:51 Jean Lamy, Head of the International Strategy Office in the Directorate General for Energy and Raw Materials of the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, (in FRENCH) saying that they want to improve international cooperation, first European and then international cooperation on energy, for energy to be available, affordable and sustainable 00:00:30
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