"Image Incorporation by Andrej Kamnik and Tactical Haptics by Iztok Amon" Exhibition: extracts from the inauguration by Janez Potocnik

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End production: 22/10/2008   First transmission: 22/10/2008
The "Image Incorporation by Andrej Kamnik and Tactical Haptics by Iztok Amon" Exhibition featured works by two young artists who interpret science and technology through painting. Andrej Kamnik focuses on the way that classical painting procedures need to be revalued and upgraded in contemporary architecture. Iztok Amon draws on the phenomenology of the blind and visually impaired who, in a visually dominated society, need to develop special methods of perceiving art and the world around them. A multisensory system, drawing on both architecture and the human body, allows the authors to develop a special poetic of contemporary art that is based on the beauty of real-life situations.

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11:09:32 Title 00:00:04
11:09:37 Cutaway of the exhibition and Janez Potocnik, Member of the EC in charge of Science and Research, speaking with Joaquín Almunia, Member of the EC in charge of Economic and Monetary Affairs 00:00:11
11:09:48 Janez Potocnik (in ENGLISH) saying that it is an artistic view of contemporary modern art of looking to our behavior, to our life; but of course it is on the edge of science; so that is exactly what they want to promote; they want to promote this interface which is from historical times the natural way of communication between art and science but maybe sometimes we don't notice it 00:00:29
11:10:17 View of the project by Iztok Amon 00:00:08
11:10:25 Iztok Amon, artist of the project Tactical Haptics, (in ENGLISH) saying that in his work he tries to include blind people and visually impaired; he finds that very meaningful because we have a lot to learn from them: how they navigate, how they communicate, not only in dividing the space on the left side or on the right side or what is in front or in the back; for example, he tried to make a prototype of interface of how they can communicate between themselves, how they can make certain messages, make a symbol or draw and send it via satellite or internet to another person and this other person will know what they drew on this interface 00:00:46
11:11:11 Image of the project by Iztok Amon 00:00:06
11:11:17 Janez Potocnik (in ENGLISH) saying that this is actually not the first exhibition, it is the sixth exhibition they organise in a row, combining science, research and art; on this special project they are trying to show how a blind person can use the advances of science like GPS, or Galileo in the European case, to help himself orientate; there will be sensors positioned on his body, there will be signals where he is positioned globally, and of course by pressing right or left, there will be signals that he has to turn in this direction or in another direction 00:00:45
11:12:02 Images of the project Tactical Haptics related to connecting blind people to Galileo 00:00:11
11:12:13 Andrej Kamnik, artist of the project Image Incorporation, (in ENGLISH) saying that this kind of waste of nature or waste of infrastructure that architecture has to develop some images to help recognize architecture itself; so actually this is a connection between dynamic of the outer and inner surfaces of the world; so the world is not only the architecture anymore but it is a new kind of media; we can read what is happening outside and at the same what is happening inside to show outside 00:00:35
11:12:48 Images of the project Image Incorporation by Andrej Kamnik (9 shots) 00:00:50
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