Open days 2008 "European Week of Regions and Cities": extracts from the joint meeting between the Committee on Regional Development of the EP and the Committee of the Region's Commission for Territorial Cohesion

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End production: 07/10/2008   First transmission: 07/10/2008
Attracting about 5,000 regional and local experts to Brussels, Open Days 2008 was organised jointly by the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate-General and the Committee of the Regions. Partner regions and cities from 26 Member States were represented, along with others from Turkey, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and, for the first time, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iceland. France registered the highest number of partners (22), followed by Italy and Spain (19), the United Kingdom (18), and Poland (17). In addition, representatives from other countries, including China, Russia, Brazil and Serbia were expected to contribute to the event, along with international organisations. Open Days was also an opportunity for private companies, financial institutions and civil society organisations to get together with regional stakeholders. The European Investment Bank, BusinessEurope, the European employers' organisation, Siemens, General Electric, Philips, Veolia and the European Citizen Action Service were among organisations represented at the "Investors Café", the event's exhibition and meeting area.

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10:35:19 Title 00:00:04
10:35:24 Exterior view of the European Parliament building in Brussels 00:00:04
10:35:28 Views of the meeting (4 shots) 00:00:22
10:35:50 Michael Schneider, Member of the Committee of the Regions, Chairman of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion, (in GERMAN) talking about the evolution of the regions thanks to the European Cohesion Policy 00:00:41
10:36:31 Cutaway 00:00:07
10:36:38 Michael Schneider (in GERMAN) talking about the integration of the European continent 00:00:42
10:37:20 Cutaway 00:00:07
10:37:27 Jean-Marie Beaupuy, Member of the EP, Member of the Committee on Regional Development, (in FRENCH) talking about the need of an integrated vision of the European Cohesion Policy 00:00:50
10:38:17 Cutaway 00:00:05
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